What is YouTube Ads Mastery?

YouTube Ads Mastery is a video training course on YouTube Ads (AdWords Video Ads) from YouTube guru, Adam Payne.

Launch Date: March 11, 2017

Launch Time: 10am EST

Launch Price: $47

Product Creator: Adam Payne

Upsells: NONE!!

Below are the modules included with YT Ads Mastery…

  • Intro
    • Welcome
    • Resources Mentioned Throughout the Course
  • The Newbie Zone
    • Why YouTube Ads?
    • What are True View Discovery Ads?
    • What are In-Stream Ads?
    • AdWords Account
    • Optimizing Your Channel
    • Link AdWords with Your YouTube Account
    • Associating Your Website with Your Channel
    • Targeting on YouTube
    • Creative Commons Videos
    • Customer Mapping/Avatars
    • Affiliate/CPA Marketers
  • True View Discovery Ads
    • Locating Your Ideal Audience
    • The Importance of Thumbnails
    • Conversion Tracking Set-up
    • Is Your Video Ready?
    • Annotations
    • Campaign Setup
    • Adding a Call-to-Action Overlay
    • Writing Copy for Ads – Dos and Don’ts
    • Using YouTube Analytics
    • Keywords from Tags
  • In-Stream Ads
    • What Kind of Video Works?
    • Your Landing Page
    • Targeting Options
    • Landing Page Examples
    • Finding Targets on Facebook Audience Insights
    • Using Software to Find Placements
    • In-Stream Ads for Extra Views
    • In-Stream Ads for Subscriber Growth
  • YouTube Ads Mastery
    • Campaign Organization
    • Calls-to-Action that are Future Paced
    • In-Stream Conversion Tips – Scripts
    • Video Editing Software I Recommend
    • Different Language Patterns and Ideas
    • YouTube Sequencing
    • Optimization
    • Local Marketing on YouTube
  • Bonuses
    • YouTube Ads Kickstart
    • Tube Remarketing Mastery

Why YouTube Ads?


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, gets over 1 billion daily visitors, and receives over 5 billion video views per day.

Oh yeah, and YouTube is owned by that other search engine…Google!

YouTube ads enable you to put your brand or products in front of millions of targeted visitors, and in many cases for pennies per view.

What I like about YouTube Ads Mastery:


I’ve bought several of Adam’s courses in the past on YouTube and have reviewed one of his course here. I am also in Adam’s “Beers With Adam” Facebook group where Adam is always answering questions and giving his very honest assessments on upcoming product launches.

2017 is the year of video for me and I am doing my best to devour everything I can about video, whether it be video creation training and tools, video ranking, and video ads on YouTube and Facebook.

Adam does a great job in YT Ads Mastery to take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through the process of getting your first campaign setup. But not only that, Adam drops gold nuggets of AdWords wisdom all along the way.

Even if you have never run an ad in your life, by the time you get to the end of this course you will have a good handle on how to setup you YouTube channel, landing pages, and videos for optimal conversions.

What I don’t like about YouTube Ads Mastery:


The only component I would like to have seen more on was AdWords remarketing (when you pixel people who click on your ads and then market to them again).

But guess what…

Adam gives you his Tube Remarketing Mastery course as a bonus!

Speaking of bonuses, any more bonuses Jay?


Adam is throwing in his YouTube Ads Kickstart training, as well as the aforementioned Tube Remarketing Mastery training.

I am throwing in these exclusive bonuses…

Use Adam’s training to get a good handle on YouTube Ads, use the StoryVideo VideoDrill app to help you with keyword and placement targeting, and then use the StoryVideo videos as your video ads to market a wide range of product niches.

If you’ve been thinking about learning YouTube Ads, Adam’s YouTube Ads Mastery training is one of the best course available.

Pick it up and my exclusive bonuses today!

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