WP SwiftStart is a WordPress plugin that enables a user to instantly setup and customize their WordPress site.

WP Swift Start (with developer rights) – $17

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What is WP SwiftStart?

WP SwiftStart is a WordPress plugin from David Dekel that enables you to instantly configure a new WordPress installation with your custom settings.

It is probably easier to just show you. Watch this demo…

Cool Jay, what do you think about WP SwiftStart?

This is the third plugin that I have reviewed from David.

(Read my reviews of PRE-SOLD PRO and WP CLEVER BOUNCE)

Each and every time I try to break David’s plugins…but can’t!

(Although I have let David know about a couple of misspelled words.)

But seriously…

I tested WP SwiftStart in my lab and found it work very well.

The plugin creates the pages you tell it to…

The plugin installs and activates the plugins you tell it to…

The plugin even flawlessly resets WordPress back to default if you tell it to.

If you are a WordPress developer that deploys sites day in and day out and you know that you have a “base” set of pages or plugins you install…

WP SwiftStart could make your life a whole lot easier.

The great thing is that the developer license (meaning you can use it on as many sites as you like) is included with the initial purchase.

And on top of that David is including training on how to get clients with FREE traffic.

Overall, I think WP SwiftStart is a great plugin if you deploy WordPress on a regular basis and highly recommend it to WordPress developers and site designers.

I’m convinced Jay, but what about the bonuses?

David is including the following bonuses:

And I am throwing in my recent Twitter training, Twit Brigade Video Training:

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