WP RapidProtect is a WordPress plugin that enables you to quickly lock down a page or post so that only people that have the special link can access it. Because the system uses cookies your customer does not need a username or password, your don’t have to deploy a complicated membership site in order to provide a protected download or training page.

WP RapidProtect – Dime sale – Currently $20.30 (Regular Price – $37)

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What is WP RapidProtect?

WP RapidProtect is a WordPress plugin that makes locking down WordPress pages or posts a breeze.

The intended use for WP RapidProtect is to quickly lock down download pages, whether they are bonus pages or product delivery pages.

The issue before WP RapidProtect was twofold, you either:

  • left your download/product pages unprotected where anyone could discover them and then share them with friends
  • dealt with the frustrations of setting up and maintaining a membership site

WP RapidProtect aims to solve those problems by simply protecting your download/product page with cookie-based system that works with JVZoo, Warrior+, Clickbank, PayPal, and most any other payment system.

Let’s watch a demo…

My Thoughts on WP RapidProtect

Honestly, I got the email from Barry promoting WP RapidProtect and I decided to check it out.

I watched the explanation video and then the demo video (the one above) and was sold.

I had been watching out for this type of plugin and was happy to find one that is so quick to setup and simple to use.

I have already converted one of my product bonuses over to using WP RapidProtect and plan on using it for all of my future bonuses, as well as for simple product delivery pages.

If you have download pages or product delivery pages you want to protect, and do not need the complexity of a full membership site, grab WP RapidProtect during launch for the best price!!

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OK Jay, I am Convinced, What About the Bonuses?

Barry has added a nice bonus with the purchase of WP RapidProtect.

  • The Secrets of Rapid Product Creation
  • The #1 Big Secret of Making Lots of Money with PLR Products
  • Product Creation Brainstorm
  • The 8 Steps to a Profitable Sales Funnel
  • How to Use Free Offers for Massive Website Traffic
  • So You Want to Make Money Online – Three Easy Ways
  • Easy Passive Online Income – How to Make Money 24/7 On Autopilot