In this WP Optimiser review we will test whether WP Optimiser truly delivers a WordPress performance boost.

WP Optimiser Launch Details

Sales Page:

Launch Date: February 10, 2018

Launch Time: 10am EST

Launch Price: $39/yr Agency OR $37 Personal (For the first day or so use coupon 5off to save $5)

OTOs/Upsells: Viper Cache ($37/yr Agency or $39 Personal), WP Easy Pages ($37/yr Agency or $39 Personal), WP Conversion Boost ($27/yr Agency or $27 Personal)

Product Creators: Chris Hitman, John Merrick and David Cassar

What is WP Optimiser?

WP Optimiser is a WordPress plugin that optimises your WordPress site performance by looking at 6 speed factors.

  • Speed Factor 1 – Hosting
  • Speed Factor 2 – Server
  • Speed Factor 3 – Themes and Plugins
  • Speed Factor 4 – Un-optimised Graphics
  • Speed Factor 5 – Bloated Databases
  • Speed Factor 6 – Long Pages

So how does WP Optimiser fix these speed issues? Take a look at this demo…

What are the WP Optimiser OTOs?

Viper Cache ($37/yr Agency or $39 Personal) – Viper Cache is a powerful WordPress plugin that is much simpler to use than other WordPress caching options.

WP Easy Pages ($37/yr Agency or $39 Personal) – WP Easy Pages is a WordPress plugin that enables you create beautiful and optimised pages that bypass your site’s theme and plugins, which makes them lighter and much faster to load.

WP Conversion Boost ($27/yr Agency or $27 Personal) – WP Conversion Boost is a WordPress plugin that makes split-testing a breeze by enabling you to make any page dynamic, which means you never have to edit pages individually again…you can just edit the URL.

Do you need the OTOs?

It all depends on your goals and needs.

If you’re looking for top-notch speed, the Viper Cache plugin will further help by caching your commonly accessed pages. Most importantly, it is one-click simple!

As someone who uses the free cache plugins and knows how confusing they can be, Viper Cache looks to be an awesome replacement.

And, if you build a lot of landing pages with WordPress, the WP Easy Pages plugin can help you make them lighter and faster.

If you’re looking for an easy way to do split-testing without creating a bunch of duplicate pages, WP Conversion Boost appears to be an interesting solution.

Does WP Optimiser work?

I decided to test WP Optimiser on the StoryVideo site to see what (if any) improvement it would provide.

Here’s my initial test of the StoryVideo site with no cache plugins enabled and before running WP Optimiser…

WP Optimiser Test Before

Here’s my test after running WP Optimiser as recommended in their training…

WP Optimiser Test After

Note – I did deactivate one plugin that I don’t use much as part of the optimization. That is one of their recommendations.

Not quite the staggering results I see on the WP Optimiser sales page…but a nice improvement none the less.

I decided to re-enable my caching plugin (WP Super Cache) and here’s the results…

WP Optimiser Test With Cache

Now were getting there…sub 3-second load time. Google should be happy with that!

So, what did my little test prove?

  1. I need to think through my tests before executing them because I wish I had run a speed test with my cache plugin enabled before running WP Optimiser. Once I had optimized the images and run the database optimization there was no way to go back and create a clean test.
  2. It proves to me that every WordPress site is unique, results will vary and additional tweaking may be necessary to fully optimize your site.
  3. A caching plugin is definitely recommended.

What I like about WP Optimiser

Overall, WP Optimiser is a super simple plugin to use that DID speed up my site.

It also gave me the data I needed to identify a slower loading plugin that I actually didn’t need enabled on my site, which produced another speed improvement.

I also like that the Agency license, which enables you to use WP Optimiser on your sites and client sites, is only $39 per year, instead of $99 or $199 for similar optimization plugins.

What I don’t like about WP Optimiser

One of the primary actions you need to take with WP Optimiser is run the Bulk Optimize Images tool to optimize images. On the StoryVideo site I had nearly 500 images. When you run the bulk optimization tool you are only given the choice to do 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 (high speed hosts only), 100 (high speed hosts only) images at a time.

Because I’m on shared hosting I was hesitant to try the 50 or 100 options, but after running the tool over and over and over I got impatient and ran the 100 option. It took several minutes…but it worked…and it reduced my images from 104.77 MB to 24.93 MB…definitely worth the wait!

Ultimately, I would prefer to click the optimize button once and either wait for it to finish OR have it process the images in the background.

WP Optimiser Bonus

I’m not sure if the product creators are including any bonuses…none were shown on the sales page preview.

I really tried to think of a good, exclusive bonus for this offer. The best thing I can think of to offer is my time.

So, if you buy WP Optimiser Agency through my link I will give you 20 minutes of time to help with the install, or help with tweaks to get the most out of WP Optimiser.

If you buy any of the upgrades I will add an additional 10 minutes for each upgrade.

Please note – All support time will be scheduled. We will work out a convenient time for both of us, which may or may not be exactly when you decide you want it. Also, I’m not the product creator…so issues directly related to the plugin will have to be handled with their normal support system. Although, if you’d like to use my time to work with their support…that is acceptable.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I like WP Optimiser and saw positive results with it on the StoryVideo site.

Did it return the staggering results that are listed on the sales page? Not without the addition of a caching plugin.

I think each site will be somewhat unique. Some sites will see huge speed bumps right off the bat, and others will need deeper analysis of the data WP Optimiser provides to do further tweaking (deactivate unnecessary plugins, possibly change themes, etc.).

I definitely recommend using a caching plugin with WP Optimiser. Whether you choose a complex free one, or choose to pick up the very simple Viper Cache is up to you.

If you have any questions, click the Facebook Messenger Chat button and ask away. I’ll do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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