WP Clever Bounce is a WordPress plugin that enables you redirect bounce traffic to the site of your choosing.

Launch Date: September 30th, 2016 at 11am EST

WP Clever Bounce – $5.95

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What is WP Clever Bounce?

WP Clever Bounce is a WordPress plugin from David Dekel that enables you to make the most of “bounce” traffic by redirecting to the destination of your choosing.

What is “bounce” traffic?

When a visitor lands on your page and then clicks or taps the back button that is considered a “bounce”.

In the past, once they have done this…you have lost them.

But, with WP Clever Bounce they will be redirected, based on a site-wide setting, category setting, or page/post setting, to the destination you set.

Hey Jay, I think I understand…but can you show me WP Clever Bounce in action?


Watch this quick demo…

What do you think about WP Clever Bounce?

David has done a great job of attacking a problem that all website owners face…bounce traffic.

WP Clever Bounce installs easily and works exactly as advertised.

The only concern/question I have is what impact will this have on your visitors?

Will they like it, hate it, or not really care?

Just like with David’s PRE-SOLD PRO plugin, I think this tactic can be abused…

…leaving your visitors feeling frustrated.

But, used cleverly and sparingly it could help you capture additional sales, optins, or leads.

OK Jay, what about the bonuses?

David is including the following bonuses:

In addition to David’s bonuses I am going to provide the following bonus:

If you are looking for a way to cleverly recapture some of your bounce traffic…WP Clever Bounce is the right plugin for you!

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