What is Website Profit Monster?

Website Profit Monster is a training on how to build simple websites for local businesses using the included Offline Shark Lead Gen WordPress theme.

Launch Date: August 11, 2017

Launch Time: 8:00am EST

Launch Price: $17 (price increases by $1 each day of the launch)

Upgrades: $27 – Outsourcing Training + Marketing Sales Power Pack, $17 – FITD Formula (prices also increase each day)

Product Creators: Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis (aka The Offline Sharks)

In my Website Profit Monster review I give you a peek at the sales page and membership area…

What’s included with Website Profit Monster?

Website Profit Monster is both training and an easy-to-customize WordPress theme all rolled into one offer.

The training is divided up into two topics:

  • Installing and configuring the WordPress theme (including purchasing a domain and hosting) – 18 videos
  • Prospecting and selling to local businesses – 8 videos

Click here to see a live preview of the Offline Sharks Lead Gen theme.

Below are the included modules:

  • Overview
  • Initial Setup
    • Hosting Intro & Overview
    • Purchasing a Domain, Setting Up Hosting & Installing WordPress
    • Adjusting PHP Limits
    • Installing Your Offline Shark Lead Gen Theme
    • Installing Child Theme
  • Website Setup
    • Import Demo Content
    • Set Your Front Page
    • General Settings
    • Contact Settings
    • Connecting Your Social Media
    • Set Up Your Contact Form Settings
    • Color Scheme Settings
  • Building Your Website
    • Sourcing Your Images
    • Sourcing Your Content
    • Creating Pages & Adding Them To Menus
    • Editing The Default Home Page
    • Editing Pages
    • What Are Shortcodes?
  • Prospecting Your First Client
    • Starting Small to Grow Big
    • Best Businesses To Target
    • Finding Prospects Online
    • Finding Prospects Offline
  • Selling Clients
    • The Free Approach
    • The Discount Approach
    • Group Discount Approach
    • Liquidation Approach

What about the upgrades?

Upgrade 1 is a combination of a private Outsourcing Training that Tom and Nick taught and a sales and marketing package.

Tom and Nick are also offer a downsell where you can pick either the outsourcing training or the marketing package.

Upgrade 2 is their FITD Formula (aka Foot in the Door Formula) training that they released earlier this year. IF you didn’t get it then you can grab it now.

None of the upgrades are needed to succeed with their simple website strategy.

Although, the marketing materials could prove to be helpful in saving you the time to have to create them yourself.

What I like about Website Profit Monster:

Tom and Nick are two of my favorite offline marketers. (And it’s not just because they live in Hawaii!)

I know that every time they release a course they are sharing strategies that work for them (or have worked for them) in their business.

Website Profit Monster is no different. In fact, I think this course is one of their best “newbie” courses yet!

This course is perfect for someone who is looking for a web design start-up business-in-a-box opportunity.

The step-by-step training Nick provides on how to buy a domain and web hosting, how to install WordPress and how to install and configure the Offline Shark Lead Gen theme is excellent.

If you have never done any of these things…Nick’s training has you covered!

Then, once you’ve got the technical side down, Tom jumps in and gives you very practical training on which type of local businesses to target, as well as how to find local businesses that need a website.

Tom goes on to give some strategies for making the sell easy for you and the potential client…a win-win for both!

If you are just starting your web design business and want a proven strategy to get new clients this training is a great way to start your entrepreneurial journey!

What I don’t like about Website Profit Monster:

As usual with Tom and Nick’s products…there’s not much I don’t like.

The main thing I would have liked to have seen was some simple ways to maximize your income considering that most of the client-getting strategies rely on selling the sites cheap or giving them away.

Tom hits on one strategy. I am going to offer some additional income-maximizing strategies in my Website Profit Monster bonus.

Is there a Website Profit Monster bonus?

Tom and Nick are offering the following bonuses:

  • Over-the-Shoulder Website Edit Training – watch them perform live edits to websites with their clients
  • Web Design White Paper – use to build your credibility with your prospects

As I mentioned above I am going to create some special training that teaches you how to maximize your income potential, even with these simple websites. I’m also going to show you a WordPress alternative that has tons of local niche templates to easily create websites, as well as provide other marketing services and generate recurring income from your clients.

Final Thoughts

My primary advice to anyone who chooses to buy Website Profit Monster is to go through the training and then take action.

You will not be a WordPress guru after watching the training.

You also will not have every question about prospecting, contacting and selling to local clients answered.

You will have to fly by the seat of your pants on some of it…but the reward when you get your first “Yes” will be worth the risk.

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