What is Vidnimation?

Vidnimation is a set of video assets that can easily be added to your videos to increase conversions, opt-ins, and subscribers.

Launch Date: February 24, 2017

Launch Time: 10am EST

Price: $17

Volume 1 of Vidnimation includes the following:

  • 60 Lower Third Packs
  • 60 End Screens
  • 10 HD Video Backgrounds
  • 10 Call to Actions
  • 100 Animated Buttons

The simplest thing is to show you some examples…

Call To Action

End Screens

Lower Thirds

Animated Buttons

As you can see, these video assets are a great way to promote your YouTube channel, social media profiles, or offers.

What I like about Vidnimation?

As you get further into video marketing you start noticing what other people are doing with video. One of the things I noticed in other peoples’ videos was cool lower third animations and end screens that showed there other videos.

These made there videos stand out and encouraged me as a viewer to take action.

What Ray “The Video Guy” Lane has done with Vidnimation is open the door to everyone to have professional looking CTAs, animated lower thirds and buttons, and awesome end screens.

For most of us it would take hours to create even one of these video assets. To be able to grab a large collection of them for such a low price is absolutely amazing.

I will definitely be adding these elements to my videos to get more user engagement!

**Update** I did pick this up and check out the difference in these two videos…

Without Vidnimation

With Vidnimation

Yes, the difference is subtle, but in my opinion the second one is definitely more professional looking, highlights the phone number and would likely produce more calls.

What I don’t like about Vidnimation?

The only negative I can think of with Vidnimation is the inability to customize the video assets themselves (color schemes, motion, etc.).

But, you are able to see exactly what you are getting…and you are getting a ton of options and value for the price.

I look forward to the day when Ray (or someone) releases software that can create these on the fly so that you can customize the color schemes and animation.

What about the bonuses Jay?

Ray is included some great bonuses…

Animated Badges

As an early action taker you will get a bunch of high quality animated badges. These badges can be used in your own sales pages, videos or that of customers. You can use these as many time as you want in personal or commercial projects.

Animated Website Graphics

This is a pack of website graphics and is a very unique product compared to the regular graphics being released in the market. The animations are of high quality and stand out. Use these in your personal or commercial projects.

Animated Objects

As a marketer you can never have enough of high quality marketing graphics and thus this thoughtfully designed pack of social media animated objects will provide you tons of ideas for your upcoming projects. As a VIDNIMATION customer you get personal and commercial usage rights to this pack.

High Quality Cartoon Backgrounds

These are high end cartoon backgrounds drawn and colored by a team of award winning professional artists. The pack includes day and night versions giving you the creative flexibility you have always wanted with your videos.

In addition to Ray’s bonuses I’m also throwing in…

The bottom line is this…

If you want to add some attention-grabbing video assets to your videos that can help increase conversions, opt-ins, and subscribers…grab Vidnimation today!

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