In this Video Sorcery review we will look at Adam Payne’s latest training on how to get 10,000 YouTube views so that you can enable Monetization and take advantage YouTube Cards and End Screens.

Video Sorcery Launch Details

Launch Date: December 18, 2017

Launch Time: 10pm EST

Launch Price: $17

Upsells/OTOs: None

Product Creator: Adam Payne

What is Video Sorcery?

Video Sorcery is Adam Payne’s 5-step strategy for getting 10,000 views so that you can enable Monetization and utilize YouTube End Screens and Cards.

It includes 10 modules containing 19 videos of step-by-step training.

The modules include:

  • Welcome and Overview
  • Get More Views Method 1 – Common Sense
  • Get More Views Method 2 – Sniper
  • Get More Views Method 3 – White Hat Type 1
  • Get More Views Method 3 – White Hat Type 2
  • Get More Views Method 4 – Grey Hat
  • Get More Views Method 5 – Facebook to YouTube
  • Special Bonuses
  • Once You Have 10,000 Now What?
  • Video Marketing Insider

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Video Sorcery Bonuses

Adam is including some bonus training within the course.

I’m including a video views bonus. One of the things Adam talks about is the pros/cons of buying views. If you buy through my link you don’t have to buy views because I will add your video URL(s) (up to 3) to special software that gives you natural-looking video views from actual YouTube accounts.

This is the same software I use to rank my videos and have used to get my channel past the 10,000 view barrier.

Video Sorcery Final Thoughts

YouTube marketing used to be so easy because you instantly had access to all the tools within YouTube. The 10,000 view requirement YouTube imposed has made it tough to make money from new niche channels.

Adam’s training gives you 5 easy-to-follow steps to get your existing and new YouTube channels over the 10,000 view barrier so that you can once again utilize Cards and End Screens.

With no upsells and a super-low price…this is a no-brainer training for every video marketer.

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