What is Video Niche Domination?

Video Niche Domination is a very simple method for ranking videos quickly on YouTube in order to get targeted traffic to your website, optin page or wherever you would like to send the traffic.

Product Name: Video Niche Domination

Launch Date: June 21, 2017

Launch Time: 10am EST

Launch Price: $27 – $47 (depending on when you purchase)

Upgrades: Several that we’ll discuss below.

Product Creators: Paul Venables and Adam Payne

Video Niche Domination is both YouTube ranking training as well as the Video Niche Dominator software to give your videos a ranking boost.

Check out these demos of both the membership area and the Video Niche Dominator software…

The Video Niche Domination Product Funnel:

Video Niche Domination (front-end): $27 – $47 – The core Video Niche Domination product delivers solid video ranking training from Adam Payne and the base version of the Video Niche Dominator software.

Upsell 1: $47/mo or $67/bi-annual –  In the first upgrade you get Video Niche Dominator Pro, which gives you more links and enables you to connect into One Hour Indexing so that your links get indexed quickly. The upgrade also includes Paul’s secret list of resources to use for video ranking for more competitive keywords.

Upsell 2: $47 – In upsell 2 you get 8 Done-For-You videos that you can immediately start ranking and promoting.

What I like about Video Niche Domination:

Both Paul Venables and Adam Payne know YouTube!

Adam runs one of my favorite video marketing groups on Facebook where I consistently learn new strategies and get ideas.

Seeing as this product includes both training and software let’s look at them separately and then how they work together to get you top video rankings.

Video Niche Domination Training

In the initial module, “Main Concept and Overview”, Paul teaches you his strategy for ranking videos for low-competition semantically-related keyword phrases in order to rank for a more competitive main keyword phrase.

This gives you numerous points of entry for any given product and has proven to increase your chances of ranking for the more competitive keyword phrase.

Paul also teaches you how to implement this strategy by using the Creative Commons videos within YouTube so you don’t have to create any videos yourself.

This method is great for affiliate products, as well as could be used to rank for more competitive local keyword phrases.

The rest of the YouTube training is handled by Adam and he does an excellent job of walking you through every aspect of “on-page” YouTube optimization.

Adam goes through keyword research, thumbnails, video meta data, tags, descriptions, links, cards and end scenes and much, much more.

Whether you have studied YouTube ranking before or not you are sure to pick up some good knowledge nuggets from Adam and Paul’s training!

Video Niche Dominator Software

The Video Niche Dominator software is very simple software to use. I had access to the base-level software so couldn’t test the Indexer integration available in the Pro upgrade.

The software does it what says. It quickly embeds your video on either 55 sites (base) or 170+ sites (pro).

With the base version you can then copy or export the generated links and then head over to a pinging site to ping them or use them in your link building campaigns.

The Pro version gives you a few extra bells and whistles…

  • You get 100+ more video embeds
  • You can customize your link list by adding/removing links
  • You can connect to your One Hour Indexing account to quickly submit your links. Paul has worked out a deal with One Hour Indexing for a 50% off discount. When I clicked the deal it showed that it was 50% off the first month only.

I like that the software is super easy to use and quickly gets you a ton of embeds on sites I didn’t even know existed.

Overall I like Video Niche Domination because it provides you a solid strategy, solid YouTube “on-page” training and gives you a way to quickly generate video embeds…all of which should help you get your videos ranking high in YouTube and possibly even Google.

What I don’t like about Video Niche Domination:

Due to time, I was not able to listen through every minute of the training so I don’t know for sure whether Adam addresses this or not…but my immediate concern was the possibility of YouTube channels getting shut down or penalized.

I’ve been slapped a couple of times by YouTube for using my own videos and promoting Amazon products. I can’t say for sure why my channel got slapped but my assumption is that my weak video content + affiliate linking got me in trouble. I have concerns that using weak video content (even the CC videos within YouTube) and blatantly promoting affiliate products could be risky.

My advice is to create a new YouTube channel to implement this method and buy a generic “deals” or “discounts” domain like Adam demonstrates. I also recommend using Tube Backup Restore (or similar YouTube backup software) to backup your channel periodically so you can quickly restore your videos to a new channel if YouTube brings down the hammer.

The last thing you want to do is spend hours upon hours building up a channel, start making money and then lose it all because of a YouTube violation and have no way to get back up and running quickly.

Video Niche Domination Bonuses:

Paul and Adam are throwing in the following…

  1. $606 “Get Paid While You Rank” Case Study
  2. 6 Figure Script Training
  3. YouTube Discovery Ads Training
  4. Page 1 Rankings Case Study

I’m also throwing in StoryVideo Volume 1 and the StoryVideo Volume 1 Addon Pack, which is 15 niche videos and niche reports that enable you to promote a wide variety of products in niches like yoga, weight loss, quit smoking and many more.

If you are looking for solid video ranking training and software that automatically builds embed and links, Video Niche Domination and the Video Niche Dominator software are an awesome value!

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