Twit Brigade is a course that teaches you how to boost your authority and influence on Twitter, as well as drive FREE traffic to your website or business.

Twit Brigade eBook – $5

Twit Brigade Video Training – $14.95

Twit Brigade Done-For-You – $97

Twit Brigade Global – $17/mo

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First Things First

This is not a review.


I created Twit Brigade so I am not going to review my own product. (I suspect I might be a bit biased :))

But, I thought I should go ahead and create a product announcement for it.

What is Twit Brigade?

Twit Brigade is several things…but first and foremost it is a training course that teaches you how to build an army of realistic-looking Twitter personas that engage with your main Twitter account in order to build your authority and influence on Twitter, as well as drive more traffic to your website or offers.

Twit Brigade is broken into two offerings…training and service.

The training is available in either eBook or video training format.

The service is available in a done-for-you model (where we build a small brigade for you) or a monthly subscription model (where you tap into our niche-specific brigades).

Twit Brigade eBook – $5

The eBook is a great place to start.

The eBook quickly walks you through the strategy and teaches you how to build a basic Twitter persona that looks real and acts real.

The Twitter personas automatically engage with your account and other influencers in your niche in a very natural way that helps boost the authority and influence of your main Twitter account.

Twit Brigade Video Training – $14.95

With the eBook you get about 95% of Twit Brigade’s potential.

The video training not only covers everything that is in the eBook, it also covers building your very own Twitter bot and includes a special video on how to monetize what you learn in the Twit Brigade course.

The advantage of the video training is that you can watch me build a Twitter persona, with all of the accounts, automation and content strategy.

The Twitter bot is an exceptional way to boost engagement on your tweets and the monetization video gives you ideas for turning your Twit Brigade skills into revenue.

Twit Brigade Done-For-You – $97

As easy as it is to build your Twit Brigade…and as little time it takes to maintain it once it is built…the reality is that many people simply will not want to take the time needed to build a Twit Brigade.

This is where the done-for-you service comes in.

All you have to do is purchase this option and then follow the instructions we give to submit an order.

Once we have the order we do do the brigade build and then deliver it to you.

Simple and Effective.

Twit Brigade Global – $17/mo

Twit Brigade Global is our pre-built niche-specific brigades.

This is great for people who love the idea but don’t want to deal with building a brigade or managing a brigade…they just want to tweet with one of our secret hashtags and watch the engagement happen.

Because it is a monthly service it may not be something everyone wants to commit to…but…

It is the most stupid simple Twitter engagement method on the planet!


If you have any questions about Twit Brigade feel free to connect with me on Facebook or Twitter and ask away.

If Twit Brigade sounds like something that could benefit your Twitter marketing efforts you can pick it up by using the Buy Button below…

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