What is TubeSync?

TubeSync is a cloud-based software from Abhi Dwivedi and Paul Blitz that enables you to backup your YouTube channel on complete autopilot.

TubeSync backs up your videos, descriptions, titles, tags, captions, stats, and channel settings. You can choose where to store the backups; in your TubeSync account, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

Restoring backups is quick and easy.

Watch this quick demo…

Looks pretty straight-forward, right?

I have always been a big fan of Tube Backup Restore. It lets you backup ANY YouTube channel with the videos and all the details.

Let’s see how TubeSync stacks up against Tube Backup Restore.

What I like about TubeSync:

I was granted review access to TubeSync today and have put it through some initial testing.

  1. The first thing I like about TubeSync is that it is cloud-based. This means it runs in your browser and will run on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.
  2. The second thing I like about TubeSync is that it is automated. Other YouTube backup products I have used are manual, you run them when you want to run them. Obviously if you forget to run it, you don’t have a backup.
  3. It was easy to connect my YouTube channel and my Google Drive and Dropbox accounts.

What I don’t like about TubeSync:

  1. A few things within the interface didn’t work like I expected:
    • On the main Dashboard screen it showed I was using 0.5/15GB of my storage. But, when I clicked the Get Info button it didn’t do anything. It took a little digging for me to figure out what I was looking at. I had set my primary storage to Google Drive and it was showing me my Google Drive usage. Makes sense, just not sure why the Get Info button didn’t tell me that.
    • In the TubeSync Dashboard (having multiple “Dashboards” was a little confusing but that is mainly a naming thing) it showed an info message; “Currently there are 1068 videos waiting in the queue. We expect storage backup to be completed in 23 hours and 30 minutes.” Whose videos? I only had 51 videos in my channel. And if they are already a thousand videos behind before launch, what happens after launch?
    • Under the TubeSync > Archive menu it shows me all of my videos. There is a “Check All” checkbox at the top. By default, all of my videos were selected. I assumed that if I unchecked the “Check All” box then all of my videos would become unchecked. Not so. It did nothing. But, if I manually unchecked a couple of my videos and clicked the “Check All” box it did check all of my videos again. It just seems like unchecking the “Check All” box would uncheck all of my videos. Even with only 51 videos this made selecting/unselecting the videos I wanted to back up more of chore than it should have been.
    • Each of the videos has a size listing. The size listing for all of my videos was “downloading”.
    • The same goes for the Analytics button. All of my statuses were “pending”.
  2. Once I checked the videos I wanted to backup and clicked “Save” a message popped up that said “Selected videos successfully backed up.” But, there was nothing in the SyncManage folder in my Google Drive. I suppose that my videos are part of the 1068 videos in queue. The problem is…I don’t know. And over the course of time that I tested TubeSync the number of videos in queue just went up and the time remaining never changed.
  3. You are limited to 100 videos per channel and only channels you manage. I am a big fan of Tube Backup Restore because you can use it to backup ANY YouTube channel and any amount of videos. And honestly, if I have the Google Drive or Dropbox app on my Windows PC I can easily store the backups in the “cloud”.

Preliminary thoughts on TubeSync:

Honestly, I think TubeSync is a great idea…a cloud-based automated YouTube channel backup platform.

I really wanted TubeSync to work flawlessly.

In fact, I wanted TubeSync to work so bad that I tested it with another YouTube account. I still got the same weird results with the stats and the “Check All” checkbox. And the queue actually went up to 1148 videos!

I am going to reach out to the developers to ask about the weird issues and will post an update when I hear back. I will also check in on TubeSync after launch to see if the issues are resolved.

For the moment…I can’t recommend TubeSync and will stick with Tube Backup Restore.

TubeSync Update 1:

I contacted the developers and asked about the issues I had noticed. They responded to me within an hour or so and let me know that they would be addressing the issues I mentioned above.

So here’s the good news…

  1. The “Check All” check box now seems to work better. Although, on one of my YouTube accounts it works as expected and then on the other one it works opposite as expected (when checked all videos are unchecked and when unchecked all videos are checked).
  2. The queue is moving. I suspect it will be somewhat fluid during launch and then will settle down.
  3. The videos from both of my YouTube channels were backed up and I can see them in my Google Drive account.

And here’s what is outstanding…

  1. The Get Info button on the main Dashboard that I think is supposed to tell me about my storage still doesn’t work.
  2. The video analytics and sizes still have not been populated.

And, unfortunately, here is the killer for me…

Now that I had videos backed up, I could test the restore. The restore allows me to pick a source YouTube channel and a destination YouTube channel…but not which videos I want to restore!

As best as I can tell, this is an all or nothing full channel restore. Which, honestly, is how they advertise it.

Rapid restore… quickly restore all your videos, channel settings, captions, titles, descriptions and tags to a new YouTube channel in seconds!”

I just wish the restore allowed you to pick which videos you want to restore.

TubeSync Update 2:

The restore I tested worked great.

All of my videos were restored with the correct title, description and tags.

Two things I noticed about the restored videos is that they no longer had their original thumbnail image and they were no longer a part of a playlist.

So, keep that in mind if you have to do a restore.

Semi-final thoughts on TubeSync:

As I stated above, I love the idea of an automated, cloud-based YouTube backup platform.

I think TubeSync has gotten many things right, but they also have some things to fix.

I hope that they quickly fix the minor issues and add additional restore functionality. If they do, I think they will have an excellent product.

My recommendations:

  1. If you simply need a disaster recovery solution for your YouTube channel, something that automatically backs up your videos and gives you a way to restore the entire channel to a new channel, then TubeSync is a good buy.
  2. If you use a Mac and have no access to a Windows machine, TubeSync is a good buy.
  3. If you have access to a Windows machine, want to be able to backup ANY YouTube channel, playlist, or video and be able to restore your videos, playlists or channels to another channel…then Tube Backup Restore is a better option.