Tube Channel Mastery is a comprehensive video course that teaches you all of the ins and outs of building an ‘Authority Channel’ in YouTube.

Tube Channel Mastery – $27

Upgrade 1  – Authority Ninja – $17

Upgrade 2 – Descriptomatic – $97

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What is Tube Channel Mastery?

Tube Channel Mastery is very extensive video training on building an authoritative YouTube channel.

The course is taught by YouTube guru, Adam Payne.

Over the course of 35 videos, Adam takes you from researching a niche…to building out and optimizing your YouTube channel…to building out a website on WordPress…to monetization strategies.

What’s included with Tube Channel Mastery?

TCM includes the following modules that include 4-10 videos each:

  • The Right Niche?
  • Channel Creation From Scratch
  • WordPress Wizardry
  • Channel Optimization
  • The Dashboard
  • Extras

What do you think about Tube Channel Mastery?

Adam does an outstanding job of walking your through the thought process behind how he builds out an authoritative YouTube channel.

Let me break it down by module…

  • The Right Niche
    • I really like how Adam shows you super-practical ways to research which niche to pick.
    • From how to get ideas using simple Google searches to researching what problems your ideal customer is experiencing, Adam shows you how to get into the mind of your audience so that you can create videos that answer/solve their problems.
    • I love it when people show you FREE tools to do most anything. Adam shows you two free tools:
      • One for competition research
      • One for branding research
  • Channel Creation From Scratch
    • Adam shows you several methods for creating your YouTube channel based on whether you want to deal with multiple Google logins.
  • WordPress Wizardry
    • I like how Adam walks you through a complete WordPress setup. Why? Because not everyone knows how to do it. Adam recognizes this and even tells people who do know how to setup WordPress to just skip the WordPress videos.
    • I also like how Adam goes beyond just the basic WordPress setup by detailing how to setup Google Analytics, Cloudflare, recommended plugins, Google AdWords remarketing, Facebook pixel setup, and even a Google resource I had never even heard of!
  • Channel Optimization
    • Well, if you were questioning when we were going to get to YouTube channel optimization, this is the module you have been waiting for! Adam does an outstanding job of walking you through YouTube channel optimization from channel art to channel description to links…and more!
  • The Dashboard
    • If you are new to YouTube this module is going to help you get you head around all the different settings and options within YouTube’s Creator Studio. Again, I picked up some great nuggets of info, especially in the YouTube Analytics video.
  • Extras
    • To wrap things up Adam covers several topics around creating videos, vanity URLs, and playlists to help you get the most out of your YouTube channel.

Overall, Adam has done a great job of teaching anyone how to build a solid YouTube channel with a supporting website to begin earning money online.

I look forward to whatever Adam releases as an encore to this training!

Hey Jay, what about the bonuses?

With the Tube Channel Mastery offer you get:

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You will get access to my recently launched course, Twit Brigade.

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