What is The New LinkedIn Solution?

The New LinkedIn Solution is a 9-module LinkedIn training course that teaches you how to capitalize on all the changes LinkedIn has made.

Launch Date: April 27, 2017

Launch Time: 11am EST

Launch Price: $17

Upsells: The Automated LinkedIn Solution, LinkedIn Hit The Ground Running Webinar Based Group Coaching

Product Creators: Lee Cole and Gloria Gunn

If you haven’t logged in to LinkedIn lately you are in for a huge surprise…go ahead and take a look, I’ll wait…

Yea, I know…holy cr*p!!

Feel lost? Wonder what happened to all that cool LinkedIn optimization you did? Can’t figure out all the changes?

Yep, me too!!

Thankfully, Lee Cole and Gloria Gunn have taken the time to create a course that helps bring us up to speed and teaches us how to take advantage of the LinkedIn changes by providing LinkedIn marketing services to other businesses that are even more confused than we are. 🙂

Check out the training modules below:

  • How Microsoft Broke LinkedIn, And How You Can Profit Wildly From It
  • Gloria’s “4-Hour Work Week” Prospecting Strategy
  • How To Bank Big From Other People’s Frustration And Pain With The New LinkedIn
  • SkyRocket Your Sales With LinkedIn’s Instant Messaging Feature
  • Become A LinkedIn Instant Expert, Even If You Have Never Used The Platform Before
  • How To Deploy Gloria’s Uber Slick, LinkedIn Lead Capture Method
  • Explode Your Income With This Completely Unfair Advantage
  • Fast Track Your Business To Real, “Job Killing” Money Today
  • Engage Your Profit Supersizer

In addition, you also get:

  • A Cheat Sheet of the New LinkedIn Interface
  • Transcripts of All Modules
  • A Funnel Development Worksheet
  • Info on How to Sign Up for Calendry and Setup Your Link
  • Info on How to Setup a Good Message Signature

If you looking to really boost your LinkedIn game you can also grab the upsells. Below is a brief overview of each…

The Automated LinkedIn Solution is 6 additional LinkedIn training modules that teach you how to automate your LinkedIn funnel. In addition to the training you get 3 freebie giveaways and 3 landing pages, DFY RPM templates, an email sequence from initial connection to appointment, DFY sales presentation and a funnel/marketing automation flowchart.

The LinkedIn Hit The Ground Running Coaching Webinar is a live webinar where you will guided through the process of getting your LinkedIn marketing business off the ground.

What I like about The New LinkedIn Solution:

If you are looking for a fly-by-night “make $100 a day with LinkedIn” course…this is isn’t it!

This is solid LinkedIn business training.

It’s all about connecting with others, building relationships by providing value, providing more value, providing even more value…and then making money by continually providing value and excellent service to your new clients.

The training is done by Gloria Gunn.

Gloria walks you through many of the LinkedIn interface changes, as well as provides you with a strategy for utilizing LinkedIn to connect with and land new clients.

She even has a whole section on creating the perfect ‘siggy’ (or signature) to drive traffic and referrals.

This is excellent training for anyone looking to build their business with LinkedIn.

What I don’t like about The New LinkedIn Solution:

The content of the training is great, but whomever came up with the module names went overboard with the titles.

“How Microsoft Broke LinkedIn, And How You Can Profit Wildly From It” and “How To Bank Big From Other People’s Frustration And Pain With The New LinkedIn” are over the top and don’t necessarily correlate well with the training in the modules.

But, like I said…the content is great!

Are there any bonuses Jay?

Yes. I am offering an extra training series entitled LinkedIn Traffic Generation. It will be available via the Warrior+ product access area.

If you currently use or want to use LinkedIn to build your business this training will help you learn the new interface and optimize your LinkedIn efforts.

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