What is StoryVideo Volume 2?

StoryVideo Volume 2 is a set of 5 videos in local niches. The niches included are dentistry, limo service, pediatric dentistry, locksmith, and solar energy.

Launch Date: February 13, 2017

Launch Time: 11am EST

Price: $9 (price rises $1 per day – maximum price is $11)

Upgrade 1: StoryVideo Rank & Rent Training – $17 (price rises $1 per day – maximum price is $19)

Upgrade 2: StoryVideo Monthly – $17

Watch a couple of demos…

Dentistry or Cosmetic Dentistry


StoryVideo Volume 2 is one of my products so this is not a review but simply an announcement.

These videos are perfect for local marketers that:

  • Provide lead generation services
  • Provide social media services
  • Provide video marketing services

There are several ways to make money with these videos:

  1. Video Ranking – rank videos in YouTube and Google for local niche keyword phrases and sell the leads to local businesses
  2. Video Ads – offer Facebook Ads or AdWords services and utilize these videos as the ad content
  3. Video Sales – sell these videos to local businesses

If you rank videos in YouTube you already have the skills necessary to start a local video lead generation business. And if you are new to video lead generation the Rank & Rent Training in Upgrade 1 will take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through ranking and renting leads.

And lastly, if you need a constant stream of videos…StoryVideo Monthly is a great way to get new videos each and every month.

Jump in early to get the best pricing!

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