What is Social Traffic Jacker?

Social Traffic Jacker is cloud-based software that enables you to automatically share high authority content with your offers or optin with every shared link.

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Launch Date: June 6, 2017

Launch Time: 11am EST (pre-launch webinar is at 10am EST)

Launch Price: $27 – $47

Upgrades: Social & Optin Lockers and Double Campaigns, Post to Additional Sites, Pro Marketer Power Feature Package, Agency Level

Product Creators: Anthony Hayes and Andrew Darius

Unlike other site hijacking software, Social Traffic Jacker adds automation via RSS feeds of high authority content to the mix so that you can easily create automated, non-stop posting of high quality content with your links, offers and optins on top.

Anthony created an in-depth demo. Watch this…

Social Traffic Jacker Product Funnel:

Front End – The base product enables you to post to Facebook (timeline, groups and pages), Twitter and Instagram. The base product gives you 3 purchase options. The only difference between the 3 options is the number of campaigns. You can choose between 5 campaigns, 10 campaigns or 25 campaigns.

Upgrade 1 – This upgrade doubles the number of campaigns and adds social and optin locker capabilities. The locker feature enables you to lock the content being shared unless the user either shares it or opts in.

Upgrade 2 – This upgrade enables you to post to additional social networks, including Pinterest, Reddit and LinkedIn.

Upgrade 3 – This upgrade adds a second call-to-action option, exit redirect, Amazon affiliate capability, additional campaigns and ongoing feature upgrades.

Upgrade 4 – This upgrade gives you unlimited social accounts and 100 more campaigns.

What I like about Social Traffic Jacker:

Ever since I started using site jacking software I have always wanted to automate it with RSS feeds. I just never had the time or resources to make it happen.

So, the main thing I like about Social Traffic Jacker is that it is an automated system. Once you set up your actions and create your campaign you are done…besides making tweaks.

Setting up Social Traffic Jacker is pretty straight forward…

  1. Add your social accounts – For Facebook I recommend creating your own Facebook App – they provide instructions.
  2. Add your domain(s) – I recommend purchasing an $0.88 domain from Namecheap that relates to your target niche. For example, I bought seonews.today and will promote SEO content and SEO products.
  3. Add an action(s) – Choose between an Optin Form, Video with CTA link, Image, Social Locker, Breaking News or Join the Revolution. Breaking News is a video or image with a CTA overlay (pretty cool). Join the Revolution is an image with a CTA overlay.
  4. Create your campaign – Here’s where you add your high authority RSS feed, add text to the post, add your action(s) (this is where you can split test your offers), define the social accounts you would like to post to, set which domain to post from and add a tracking pixel.

That’s it!

Now every time that high quality content source posts a new article it will automatically be tweeted or posted with your offer.

With the built-in split testing you can monitor which offers (actions) convert the best and then tweak your campaign accordingly to get the most from it.

This is a powerful system that if setup with the right content, the right offer and put in front of the right audience could create truly passive income.

What I don’t like about Social Traffic Jacker:

Some websites have coding in place that prevent site jacking from working correctly.

The primary thing that I could not find a way to do in Social Traffic Jacker was preview the “jacked” link. This means I have to setup a campaign and let it publish a link before I know if it works correctly.

For some people that might be OK but for others it won’t be.

As a workaround my suggestion is to create a dummy Twitter account and add it to the system. Any time you add a new RSS source run the campaign to the dummy Twitter account first to make sure the jacked link works. If it does you can simply edit the target social accounts to your primary accounts.

Hopefully, some type of preview will be added to verify that the site jacking works before publishing a campaign.

A second thing that is a little wonky is adding text to your post. There is a field in the Campaign setup portion that is entitled “Custom introduction”. This is where you would put the content of your tweet or Facebook post, otherwise only a link gets shared.

Again, a preview option would be nice to see what the post looks like before publishing the campaign.

Hey Jay are there any bonuses?

Yes, Anthony is throwing in a number of bonuses…

  1. Social Media Marketing Boost
  2. Hashtag Traffic Secrets
  3. Viral List Autopilot
  4. Conversion Explosion
  5. Affiliate PDF Brander
  6. Foolproof Plugin Design

In addition, I’m throwing the PLR version of my Shiny Object Savings lead magnet. This gives you something to give away to other people to help them save on their Internet Marketing purchases.

If you have been frustrated by previous site hijacking software because they required too much time…Social Traffic Jacker solves that problem by enabling you to create campaigns that automatically fed by high authority RSS feeds.

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