Sinfiltrator is a web-based app that enables you to place your offers on top of websites such as CNN, Yahoo, MSN…basically any content on the web. With Sinfiltrator you will be able to place an image, an opt-in box, a video, a header or footer, a scarcity bar, or even custom HTML over any published content.
Thursday March 10th

Earlybird (9am – 2:59pm EST) – $37

Day One (3pm – 11:59pm EST) – $39

Friday March 11th

Day Two Morning (Midnight – 11:59am EST) – $41

Day Two Afternoon (Noon – 11:59pm EST) – $43

Saturday March 12th

Day Three Morning (Midnight – 11:59am EST) – $47

Day Three Afternoon (Noon – 11:59pm EST) – $52

Sunday March 13th

Day Four Morning (Midnight – 11:59am EST) – $57

Day Four Afternoon (Noon – 11:59pm EST) – $62

Monday March 14th

Normal Price (Midnight – ) – $67 per month

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Sinfiltrator Features:

  • Place a clickable image on top of any content
  • Place a video on top of any content
  • Place an opt-in box on top of any content
  • Place a header or footer on top of any content
  • Place a scarcity bar on top of any content
  • Place custom HTML on top of any content
  • Training on the software and methods to monetize the software

Sinfiltrator Possible Use Cases:

  • eCommerce site owners could use Sinfiltrator to display specials or scarcity timers on their own website
  • Local businesses could use Sinfiltrator to share quality, niche-related content and display a special discount offer
  • Anyone can use Sinfiltrator to post links to quality content in any group, forum, or comments without being flagged as a spammer

Sinfiltrator Offers

To create an offer you do the following:

  • Offer Name – Give your offer a name
  • Pop Up Timing – Decide how many seconds before your offer pops up
  • Select Offer Type – This is where you decide what kind of element you want displayed on the page
    • Image – You simply put your offer destination URL and your Image URL and click Save the Offer
    • Video – You have 4 form choices. No matter which you choose you enter the video id (The video you use has to be on YouTube), Headline Text, Subheadline Text, Destination Link, Submit Button Text, Submit Button Background Color, and whether you want to use the default background image, your own image, or a color.
    • iFrame – With this one you enter your Pop Up Height and Width and enter your iFrame Code.
    • External Website – Again you enter the Pop Up Height and Width and the URL your want to link to.
    • Opt-in Form – With this one you have to choose your Autoresponder, customize the form text, and a redirect URL.
    • Header Bar & Footer Bar – Decide left or right, the Text, Destination Link and colors.
    • Scarcity Bar – And finally, define your Text, colors, Destination Link, and Time Setting (when the offer expires).
  • Click Save The Offer

It is that simple!

Sinfiltrator Campaigns

Once you have your offer defined your add that Offer to a Campaign.

To create a Sinfiltrator Campaign:

  • Choose the Offer from the drop down menu.
  • Enter the URL of the content on which you want the offer to appear. (Ex.,
  • Click Save

Once you click Save, Sinfiltrator creates the new link that you will share.

Now you can share that link on social media sites, forums, comments, etc.

My Thoughts


So we picked up Sinfiltrator earlier today and, as you can see in the previous image, we have setup a couple of campaigns.

As of right now we have only shared the URLs we created within Social Media. But, we are already seeing clicks through to our offers.

Sinfiltrator works very similar to some other “jacking” products on the market. Some of those products can cost as much as $97 per month and do not have all of the features of Sinfiltrator.

In my tests so far I have not found any issues with Sinfiltrator and appreciate how it has included so many pop up options. This gives you the flexibility to present different pop ups to different niches and sites.

I definitely recommend Sinfiltrator and suggest that you seriously consider going with the Pro level (OTO 1) so that you can install Sinfiltrator on your own domain, use on unlimited domains, sell the output of Sinfiltrator to others, and create free accounts for others.

The big thing with the Pro version is being able to put it on your own domain (meaning the URLs will have your domain instead of and the ability to sell this as a service to others. This could be a great local business service!

Don’t delay because the price keeps rising every 12 hours.


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