Serplify is software that automatically creates unique local pages for every city or zip code in the US and Canada, and then ranks those pages using long tail keywords. Those pages can be rented to local businesses or used as lead generation sites.

Launch Date: January 18, 2017

Launch Time: 11am EST

Serplify’s price will rise over the course of the launch.

Serplify Pro – $47 ($57 after 2 days, $127 after 3 days)

Serplify Academy – $67 – $97

Serplify Deluxe – $67 every 6 months OR $47 per month

Serplify Commercial – $197

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What is Serplify?

Serplify is a software suite that can automatically create unique local business pages for every city and/or zip code in the United States and Canada. It then tries to rank those pages in Google using long tail keywords.

The ranked sites can then be rented to local businesses or used as lead generation sites for local businesses or 3rd party lead gen services.

Though it may sound a little confusing…it isn’t.

Watch this demo and it should help clear things up…

As you can see from the demo, Serplify gives you the ability to research, build and deploy local business sites quickly and easily.

Are there any upsells to Serplify?


Serplify Academy – This is a series of 6 training webinars where you will be taught how to rank your sites long term in Google, as well as how to make money off your local sites.

Serplify Deluxe – This upgrade gives you some extra features, the ability to create unlimited sites without restriction and the license to create these sites for clients.

Serplify Commercial – With the commercial license you can sell access to Serplify as if it were your own software and keep 100% of the profit.

What do you think about Serplify?

When I saw Serplify on the launch calendar I was definitely interested in it.

I have been doing lead generation for about a year or so and have tried other mass site builders.

I haven’t had much luck with other mass site builders because it was difficult to get quality sites built and some of them ended up leaving a footprint that Google eventually figured out and de-indexed most of the sites.

What do I mean by footprint and de-index?

By footprint I mean some identifiable code in every site that tips Google off to how that site was created. Google can use this footprint to find all the sites with the footprint and de-index them quickly and easily.

By de-index I mean having your site removed from search results. In order for your websites to show up in search results they have to be indexed by Google, Bing, Yandex, etc. What I have seen with other mass site builders is that Google eventually figures out some footprint within the sites and then de-indexes them, meaning…removes them from search results.

Why does Google do this?

Because many of the people who use mass site creators slack off in the design phase in order to get sites deployed as quickly as possible. What you end up with is a ton of posts/pages with crappy or duplicate content that provides little to no value. Google doesn’t like that and eventually penalizes all sites with that footprint.

You can see the danger in this…you build out a ton of sites, start making money, and one day Google decides to de-index all sites with the footprint.

Now, does Serplify have an easily identifiable footprint?

According to the developers it doesn’t because the resulting sites live on WordPress, which can be easily customized with different themes, plugins, posts, etc. And if you are careful during the design phase to make sure your content is good and unique you will help yourself in the long run.

One thing you might have caught in that last paragraph is that Serplify does require you to have a domain, hosting and WordPress installed.

The cloud-based app integrates with WordPress via a Serplify WordPress plugin.

You build your campaign in the Serplify app and then Serplify pushes the campaign to your site and builds all the necessary pages and posts.

I was granted review access and looked through the cloud-based app and watched the tutorial videos.

Compared to some of the other tools I have used, Serplify makes it pretty easy to build a site deployment project.

Here is a high-level overview of how to build a project:

  • Create and give your project a name
  • Select which WordPress site you want the pages/posts built on
  • Decide how many users you want to create as part of your project
  • Select the locations you want included
  • Enter all the content you want within the page/post (can use spinning to keep text, images, and videos unique)
    • You can also configure SEO settings, including schema data
  • Enable syndication if desired to build backlinks (Syndwire, Onlywire, Social Monkey)
  • Configure the scheduling and maximum number of posts
  • Click Add to get your project to run

The area you will spend the most time is the Content tab. If done right, you can quickly deploy a ton of visually appealing posts/pages with excellent SEO.

Overall, I like what Mo Miah, Joshua Zamora, and John Gibb have done with Serplify.

They have given you a tool that enables you to quickly deploy location-based pages with solid SEO structure.

If you are experienced with lead generation sites and are looking for an easy-to-use tool to mass deploy pages/posts…Serplify looks to be a great choice.

If you have never tried to do lead generation sites but you want to get started…my advice is to pick up the first upsell, Serplify Academy, so that you can be trained on how to use the tool and approach local businesses.

Like anything else…Serplify is a tool. It will not automatically bring in money. But, used correctly, it can be a great way to rank a bunch of lead gen sites in geographical areas typically ignored by most lead gen folks, which can then be rented out to local businesses.

Are there any Serplify Bonuses?


The team at Serplify are including the following bonuses…

And I am including my Profit Without Clients video training…

All bonuses will be delivered automatically in your JVZoo purchase area.

Pick up Serplify and my amazing bonuses today!

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