What is Re-engager?

Re-engager is a WordPress plugin that enables you to grab your website visitor’s attention when they click away from your site by blinking a notification link in the tab and then can perform an action when the visitor returns, like display a video, show a discount, or present an optin box.

Launch Date: March 4,2017

Launch Time: 10am EST

Launch Price: $27

Product Creators: Tim Verdouw, Mike Thomas, Brett Rutecky

The base Re-engager plugin includes the following actions:

  • Redirect – send them to any website
  • HTML Popup – popup any HTML-based content you like
  • Image/Video Popup with Call-To-Action Button – show a video with a CTA button
  • Show/Hide – display one thing and then display something else when they return (great for discounts)

The Pro version of the Re-engager plugin adds the following action and rights:

  • Inbox Popup – display 5 messages in an inbox-style pop-up
  • Developer Rights

Watch this quick demo video to see Re-engager in action…

[re_engager id=’27710′]

Test Re-engager for yourself:

I have implemented each of the actions on pages on this site.

To see Re-engager in action simply click one of the links below. It will open in a new tab. Then click back to this article. The new tab should start blinking that you have a new notification. When you click back to the tab you will see the action.

  1. See just a blinking tab
  2. See an example of a redirect to Google
  3. See a very basic HTML Popup
  4. See a Video Popup with CTA
  5. See an example of the show/hide action
  6. See the Pro upgrade Inbox feature

What do I like about Re-engager:

When I first saw the Re-engager launch I though it was just another WordPress plugin that blinks the tab to try and get the attention of your visitors. (Much like a plugin I run called Profit Tab Pro)

But, as I dug in a bit I realized that the power in Re-engager is the multitude of actions you can perform when the visitor re-engages with your site.

Thankfully, Brett, Mike, and Tim were nice enough to grant me review access so I could test out Re-engager.

As you can see from the previous section…the plugin works as advertised!

I’ve always liked the idea of the tabs doing something when the visitor clicks away, which is why I have been using Profit Tab Pro on this site for a while.

But, to be able to customize the action that happens when the visitor clicks back to my site on per post/page level is an amazing feature upgrade that makes Re-engager unique and powerful!

It was very easy to setup the campaigns for my simple tests and I could definitely see using this plugin on multiple sites in a wide variety of niches.

What I don’t like about Re-engager:

There are two things:

  1. I had a little trouble with the show/hide action. It might be my WordPress theme, but it took me a couple of tries to get the shortcodes in the right place to make it work as expected. But, in the end…I got it working.
  2. I wish the Inbox action and developer rights were part of the front-end, maybe at a $47 price point. The Pro upgrade is $47, which means you end up paying around $74 for all of the features and developer rights. You have to decide if the Inbox action and developer rights are right for you.

Update – Something to keep in mind about Re-engager:

After I posted the review I continued to mess around with Re-engager and one of the tests I did was to see how Re-engager worked on mobile devices ( an Android phone and iPad).

Does it blink the tab in the same way? Does it draw your visitors attention back in the same way it does on desktop browsers?

The answer is yes and no.

Now, before we go any further…nowhere on the Re-engager sales page does it mention mobile…at all. So, the product creators make no claims about Re-engager and mobile browsers.

My test results ended up mixed…

Using the built-in Android browser and mobile version of the Chrome browser I found the following…

  • When I switched tabs in a mobile browser there was no blinking or notification to draw me back to the Re-engager configured tab. Mainly because the mobile phone browsers don’t display multiple tabs at the same time (or at least not on my Android phone). I think this is just a “difference” within the mobile phone browsers due to smaller screen size.
  • When I checked the Re-engager tab it did show the notification and performed the action I had told it to perform.

Re-engager worked perfectly on my iPad because Safari shows multiple tabs at once. The notification was displayed and blinked and the configured action worked just fine.

End result…

On some mobile devices you lose the blinking, attention-grabbing aspect of Re-engager, but you still get the tab name change and action that was configured when the visitor clicks back to the tab.

This is not a game change for me or my recommendation. It is simply an observation.

Are there any bonuses Jay?

Yes! Brett, Mike and Tim are throwing in…

And I’m throwing in the following exclusive bonuses…

I think the StoryVideo videos would be great to bring your visitors back to with a CTA button that takes them to an offer.

If you have a WordPress site and are looking for a way to bring visitors back and engage them with a special offer…

Re-engager is the plugin that will do it for ya!

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