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PushLotus is a simple web application that enables you to broadcast push notifications to your subscribers using the same technology that Facebook, Twitter, and Google use to drive massive traffic.

Standard Version – $67

Includes 1,000 PushLotus credits and works on Mozilla, Chrome, and Safari.

Pro Version – $97

Includes 1,000 PushLotus credits, works on Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Mobile, and Tablets, as well as access to the PushLotus Marketing Mastermind Group.

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I am super excited to share PushLotus with you!

I saw this product was launching and was able to get review access to it and oh, boy…this one is a game changer!

Let’s not waste time on fluff and dive right in to PushLotus…

What is PushLotus?

PushLotus is a very simple web application that enables you to send push notifications to your subscribers.

You may ask…who are your subscribers? Email list, Facebook followers, Twitter Followers?

Nope…it is anyone who visits your site and clicks Allow when Push Lotus pops up and says “The website “RaveReview.biz” would like to send you push notifications.”

You most likely saw this in action a few seconds after arriving at this review.

Once visitors to your site have allowed you to send push notifications you are able to easily send them notifications using the PushLotus web application.

Let’s see PushLotus in action…

Looks pretty straight forward doesn’t it? Well, before I got my hands on the official demo I shot my own short walk-through, which actually had an updated interface so you will see a few differences.

Let’s look at my demo…


Stop waiting for emails to be opened and links to be clicked.


Send to people who have allowed your notifications and clearly want to hear from you.


Drive traffic, get subscribers, send offers. Can you say exponential growth potential?

How Could I Use PushLotus?

I am sure the team over at PushLotus have a number of ideas. In fact they are hosting a special pre-launch webinar on March 2, 2016 at 7pm to demonstrate PushLotus as well as answer questions.

Go here to register for the webinar.

Below are a couple of use cases that I thought of…

  • eCommerce Sites – This one is probably fairly obvious but eCommerce sites could push out weekly deals, special sales, or clearance items.
  • Brick & Mortar Stores – Why let the online stores have all the fun? People visit brick & mortar store websites as well. Adding the ability to notify your local customers of special sales could drive more foot traffic into your store.
  • Real Estate Agents & Home Builders – Develop a list of subscribers that can be notified when new properties come on the market.
  • Restaurants – Develop a loyal following and advertise discount appetizers, desserts, or drink specials.
  • Bars & Clubs – Do you have a ladies night? You could remind people and advertise drink specials.
  • Performing Artists (musicians, dancers, actors) – Remind your loyal following of your next gig.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

PushLotus also has two business-in-a-box options…

  • Reseller – $1997 – Keep 100% of the profits. Unlimited PushLotus credits. No rebrand + their domain.
  • White Label – $9997 – Keep 100% of the profits. Unlimited PushLotus credits. Rebrand + your domain.

One point I can’t stress enough is that visitors whom subscribe to your notifications are demonstrating a huge level of trust and interest in your site, content, product, or service. Do not abuse that trust by spamming them.

If your notifications are concise and add value…your customers and you will enjoy this new method of communication.

Closing Thoughts

In my tests PushLotus worked exactly as advertised. I am amazed how stupid simple this application is to setup and operate…especially considering the power that is being placed at your fingertips.

Used wisely…PushLotus may very well be the best marketing/revenue strategy you implement this year!

I have already purchased PushLotus and highly recommend you buy it during launch because they are moving to a monthly subscription plan after this special launch period.

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