In this Passive LinkedIn Gold Mine review we will look at both the training and software that’s included with this local marketing bundle.

Launch Details

Sales Page:

Launch Date: October 27, 2017

Launch Time: 11am EST

Launch Price: $27

OTOs/Upsells: Done For You LinkedIn Gold Mine ($47), Affordable Coaching LinkedIn Gold Mine ($67)

Product Creator: Lee Cole

What is Passive LinkedIn Gold Mine?

Passive LinkedIn Gold Mine is a combination of LinkedIn training and software (WordPress plugin) that makes creating and selling optimized LinkedIn profiles a breeze.

Passive LinkedIn Gold Mine Video Based Training

In this 17 video training Lee teaches you exactly how to build a business selling LinkedIn profile makeovers. Lee also teaches you how to turn your makeover clients into recurring content marketing clients.

The modules within the training are:

  • Set Up Your Profile & Get Connections
  • How Content Marketing Works on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Walk Through
  • More About Content on LinkedIn
  • What Content to Post On LinkedIn
  • Easy Automation With Hootsuite
  • Fielding Leads
  • Actively Targeting the Right Prospects
  • LinkedIn Search Magic
  • Mining Gold with Notifications
  • Watch Me Work Magic with Notifications
  • Your Pitch Message
  • How to Prepare for the Sales Presentation
  • How to Assess a LinkedIn Profile
  • EZ Sales Presentation Mastery
  • Fulfillment & How To Get Paid
  • Upselling to Recurring Income

LinkedIn Profile Genie Software

The LinkedIn Profile Genie software is a WordPress plugin that uses an intake form to collect specific information from clients and then turns their responses into an optimized LinkedIn profile that you can easily tweak and give back to your client.

Watch my review and LinkedIn Profile Genie demo…

Passive LinkedIn Gold Mine OTOs

There are two upsells…

OTO1: Done For You LinkedIn Gold Mine ($47)

This is a done-for-you marketing package that includes:

  • 17 thousand word, 45 page ebook
  • LinkedIn banner graphics
  • 150+ curated posts
  • Done-for-you blog posts
  • Done-for-you messaging
  • A complete prospecting funnel
  • Lee’s proven PowerPoint sales presentation

OTO2: Affordable Coaching LinkedIn Gold Mine ($67)

  • Affordable group coaching
  • Proven to help you by eliminating obstacles and breaking through barriers
  • Students start making money faster, even if they’re complete newbies

Do you need the OTOs?

No. The training and software give you everything you need. The done-for-you resources will just save you time by giving you all the sales and content you need. The coaching will be helpful if you are new to LinkedIn and/or you really want extra help and motivation to make this strategy work for you.

What I like about Passive LinkedIn Gold Mine

I have promoted several of Lee’s courses in the past and he definitely knows his stuff, especially with LinkedIn.

In all honesty I didn’t have time to go through every single training video but the ones I watched gave very clear, actionable information that will help you get your LinkedIn profile optimized and teach you how to offer LinkedIn profile optimization services to others.

If you are new to LinkedIn, Lee does a great job of giving you an overview of the interface and getting you up to speed on the different places ways you can post content, including automating content posting via HootSuite.

Lee also teaches you how to find the “right” prospects on LinkedIn, make the pitch and close the sale.

I was able to install the LinkedIn Profile Genie software, which is a WordPress plugin, and give it a test.

It worked just as Lee describes in his training videos and definitely makes optimizing LinkedIn profiles very quick, with the customer doing the bulk of the work.

I think there may be a way to create a sales funnel around this LinkedIn Profile optimization service where you get paid and the intake form is linked to from your after-purchase Thank You page. Think outside the box on this one! 🙂

What I don’t like about Passive LinkedIn Gold Mine

Overall, I like what Lee has put together with his training and software.

I have no problems with the training and mostly suggestions for the software…

With the software I wish it notified you when someone has submitted the intake form. With the way Lee teaches the method you will most likely be chatting back and forth with customers so you will most likely know when a customer is filling out the intake form, but it would be a great addition (and even more passive) to receive an email when intake forms are submitted.

The other thing with the software is that I would prefer it to be something besides a WordPress plugin. As it is, you have to have a WordPress install available to run the software. If you want to run this off your main business domain and it’s not built on WordPress it makes this a more convoluted setup with subdomains and possibly additional hosting.

If it were a SaaS program it could easily be integrated into any website via code or a simple DNS entry.

Passive LinkedIn Gold Mine Bonuses

Lee is providing over $300 worth of bonuses…

Publicity – Learn the Publicity Secrets of the Masters

30 Ways to Market on Social Media

Write Copy Like the Pros

Explode Your Income as on Online Security Expert

Convert Any WordPress Site into a Traffic Machine

Final Thoughts

Thanks for checking out our Passive LinkedIn Gold Mine review!

I really like what Lee has put together with this training and software.

The LinkedIn training is helpful all by itself. The software makes creating optimized LinkedIn profiles simple, with the customer doing most of the work.

At the end of the day though…success with this method is all about you taking action…follow the training, go hard after prospects and provide excellent value to your customers.

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