Local Kingpin is an AdWords training course geared towards local marketers who want to drive leads to local clients fast.

Local Kingpin – $297

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What is Local Kingpin?

Local Kingpin is an in-depth training course that teaches you how to use AdWords to drive traffic and leads to local businesses.

It is the latest training from my buddies over at Semantic Mastery (or MasteryPR).

Bradley and the team at Semantic Mastery are know for their amazing SEO training and weekly FREE Humpday Hangouts.

So why would the guys at Semantic Mastery bother with AdWords, they’re SEO gurus?

This is why…

Local Kingpin Search Proof

That is what I see on my MacBook Pro with high resolution Retina display without scrolling.

No organic results, no Maps Pack…just four ads and the top of the map.

To be above the fold (on the screen without scrolling) in many local results you have to advertise with AdWords.

With all the changes Google has made with search results, especially in local search results, the guys at Semantic Mastery knew that mastering AdWords was an inevitable necessity.

So, they went into the lab, did the testing and have now delivered to us the results so that with Local Kingpin we will know exactly how to setup local lead generation campaigns and how to charge local businesses.

What is covered in Local Kingpin?

As usual, Semantic Mastery over delivers with content!

Below is an overview of the modules…

  • Monetization Models – Covers 4 different methods of earning money with AdWords.
  • Setup – Covers creating Google account setup, landing pages, YouTube, contact forms, AdWords account setup, Google Tag Manager, and more.
  • Keyword Research – Covers finding the best keywords for your campaigns.
  • AdWords – Covers landing page optimization, campaign testing, split testing, ad extensions, and more.
  • Campaign Optimization – Covers methods for optimizing your campaigns.
  • AdWords for Video – Covers AdWords video campaigns.
  • *Maps Kingpin – Covers setup and optimization of your Google Maps listing for ranking in the Maps pack.

*This is an optional upgrade to Local Kingpin and is not included unless purchased as part of the sales funnel.

OK Jay, what do you think about Local Kingpin?

Well, just like my last review, I have not had time to go through every single video (hours and hours of videos).

But, I will say this about Semantic Mastery…they are the real deal!

I have purchased a number of their courses and have never been disappointed.

In fact, if it were not for them I would not know what I know about SEO, video marketing, and how to run a successful business (still working on the last one:).

What I love about Semantic Mastery training is that they test, test, test their strategies and theories before bringing it to the masses.

I always know that when they release training it is because they have proven the method to work.

I promoted a similarly-focused AdWords training back in August called Local Adwords Income. Tom and Nick do a great job of introducing you to AdWords and giving you a basic strategy.

Local Kingpin is like Local AdWords Income on steroids!!

More detail, more strategies, more actionable info.

I plan to go through the entire course and expect to learn all I need to know to run a successful local AdWords consulting business.

You can do the same!

What about the bonuses?

Now Local Kingpin is more expensive than many of the products I promote but it is absolutely worth it!

In honor of this massive training powerhouse I have come up with a powerhouse bonus…

If you are looking to market to local clients and have been putting off your AdWords training…put it off no longer!

Grab Local Kingpin today!

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