What is LiveCaster?

LiveCaster is Windows software that enables you to cast prerecorded video as a live event on Facebook and YouTube.

Launch Date: April 28, 2017

Launch Time: 11am EST

Launch Price: $27 (rises to $37 at 3pm EST and then a few cents each hour thereafter- use coupon code liv5off after 3pm to save $5)

Upsells: LiveCaster Pro, LiveCaster Agency, ViralPics + VidPush, LiveCaster Reseller or LiveCaster Whitelabel

Product Creator: Cyril “Jeet” Gupta

In this LiveCaster review will break down the pros and cons of the LiveCaster software.

LiveCaster is actually two softwares, LiveCaster FB for going live on Facebook and LiveCaster YT for going live on YouTube.

To get started, lets check out Cyril’s demo of LiveCaster FB.

As you can see from Cyril’s LiveCaster demo, the software has a nice UI and is very easy to navigate, especially compared to some of the other free/paid live casting tools.

What I like about LiveCaster:

It is obvious that Cyril wanted this software to be very user friendly. It is designed to one thing and do that one thing very well…live casting pre-recorded videos.

I tested LiveCaster by live streaming Cyril’s demo video to YouTube. The video you just watched is actually that video.

The live stream worked just fine.

The only thing that was confusing to me was the resultant video did not have the Title, Tags, or Description I had added into LiveCaster when I added the video.

What you see if you look at this video on YouTube is information I entered after the live stream.

I did the same test to the Rave Review page on Facebook and the Title, Description and Tags showed up in the Facebook description just fine.

I am going to check with Cyril on why the info showed in Facebook but not YouTube.

Other than that, I really like the ease-of-use you get with LiveCaster and think it will be a great tool for people who don’t want to deal with less intuitive software such as OBS.


I chatted with Cyril and learned that YouTube’s live streaming makes it so you have to fill out the Title, Description and Tags within the Live Streaming section of Creator Studio for them to show up like you want.

So, when live streaming to YouTube with LiveCaster simply do this:

  1. Add you video in LiveCaster and enter something for a Title in LiveCaster
  2. When you click the Go Live button and grab your Stream Key from YouTube fill out the following in YouTube:
    1. Title
    2. Description
    3. Set your Category
    4. Set your Privacy (you could live stream to Private, tweak everything and then make the video Public)
    5. Click Advanced Settings and it will take you to the Advanced Settings where you can fill out info and you can also click the Basic Info tab and fill in your Tags
    6. Copy your Stream Key to LiveCaster and click the Go Live button

I hope that helps a bit with the YouTube live streaming.

What I don’t like about LiveCaster:

There are two main things that stood out to me…

  1. As I mentioned before, the Title, Tags and Description didn’t seem to make it to my YouTube stream. This is a bit of a pain, especially if you spend a fair amount of time trying to optimize it for rankings.
    1. **Update** After chatting with Cyril I understand why this is the case and have explained above how to best get around it.
  2. I could not find a way to edit the Title, Tags and Description once a video was added to LiveCaster. So, if you click Save and realize you forgot a tag or something in the description the only way to fix it is to delete the video and add it again.
    1. **Update 5/4/17** When I launched LiveCaster today I got a notice that the software had an update and asked if I would like to install it. I said yes and let the update install. Once it was done I launched and guess what…there is now an Edit button on the videos so you can tweak the Title, Description and Tags. AWESOME!!!

Any bonuses Jay?

Yes, I have some semi-exclusive LiveCaster bonuses…

WP Leadfinder -A highly customizable plugin that generates exhaustive and relevant database from FB and Twitter. Saves you a lot of time on manual research by doing all the extensive research from the most popular social media platforms all by itself.

Tube Inspector -The best software resource to find the most effective keywords for your video and Pay per click campaigns.

Keywords Goldmine Jeet -Finds if there are videos on the front page of Google for any keyword and tells you which keywords don’t have a video on Google page #1.

If you are looking for a super-simple software to cast pre-recorded video to Facebook or YouTube LiveCaster is your answer!!

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