In this Live Event Blaster 2 review we take the software for a test drive and give you the pros and cons of this YouTube live streaming software.

Live Event Blaster 2 Launch Info

Sales Page:

Launch Date: September 12, 2018

Launch Price: $27

OTOs/Upsells: Live Event Blaster 2 Pro ($37), Video Marketing Blaster Pro ($47), Video Spin Blaster Pro ($37), Live Event Blaster Local Pack ($47)

Product Creators: Stoica, Vlad, Tom Yevsikov

Watch my review below. Please note that the bonuses supplied by the vendor have changed for the September launch. Read below to learn more.

What is Live Event Blaster 2?

Live Event Blaster 2 is Windows software that enables you to quickly create, schedule and live stream live events to YouTube.

Why use YouTube Live Events?

Much like Facebook tends to favor live video, YouTube and Google favor live video as well and give precedence in rankings to live events. It’s even possible to rank scheduled live events without there even being a video!

Live Event Blaster 2 OTOs

Live Event Blaster 2 Pro ($37) – The Live Event Blaster Pro upgrade gives you the ability to add multiple YouTube accounts, create multiple campaigns and includes agency rights.

Video Marketing Blaster Pro ($47) – Video Marketing Blaster Pro is Windows software that helps you reverse-engineer YouTube and Google rankings by finding untapped, buyer keywords, generate perfectly SEO-optimized titles, descriptions and tags, as well as spy on your competition.

Video Spin Blaster Pro ($37) – Video Spin Blaster Pro is Windows software that enables you to quickly make videos and spin them to create variations, which is great for local niche rankings.

Live Event Blaster Local Pack ($47) – Live Event Blaster Local Pack is a set of local niche templates that can quickly be used to rank for local niches. This bundle also includes 30 done-for-you local niche spokesperson videos that can easily be customized and sold to local clients.

Do you need any of the OTOs/Upsells?


I highly recommend you pick up the Live Event Blaster 2 Pro upgrade. If you plan to target multiple niches with YouTube it is best to create separate channels that are themed for each individual niche. The Pro upgrade is a must so that you can add multiple YouTube accounts to the software and better organize you live events with campaigns.

The other upsells are great, but are optional.

In addition to Live Event Blaster Pro, I own both Video Marketing Blaster Pro and Video Spin Blaster Pro and they are both excellent at what they do. But, they are optional based on your needs and budget.

What I like about Live Event Blaster 2:

First off, Vlad and Stoica have a stellar reputation in the video marketing community for putting out quality software, updating it and providing excellent support. I have never been disappointed by their software or support.

The original version of Live Event Blaster is my favorite video marketing tool in my arsenal. I have used it countless times to rank both live events without videos and live events with videos.

Aren’t there free YouTube live streaming alternatives?

Yes. But, none are as easy to use as Live Event Blaster.

Live Event Blaster 2 brings with it some nice feature upgrades.

  • Add Link Wheel – this button enables you to quickly create a link wheel within YouTube for the live events you create within LEB. Link wheels have been proven to help with both YouTube and Google rankings.
  • Add Hash Tags – this button enables you to quickly add your YouTube tags as hashtags within the description.
  • Add Wikipedia – this button enables you to quickly add a relevant Wikipedia link to your video description to add relevance and increase rankings.

Live Event Blaster 2 Pro also adds the “Campaigns” feature, which I can’t wait to use because it will help me keep my projects organized.

In my testing, Live Event Blaster 2 works just as well as LEB 1 and the added features just make it that much more useful.

I suspect LEB 2 will become my new favorite video marketing tool over the coming months.

What I don’t like about Live Event Blaster 2:

Seriously, not much!

I wish that the multiple accounts feature was included with the front-end version, but I understand that the cost and effort to create these tools is high and Vlad and Stoica do an awesome job with their software.

Technically, I have no issues with the software and highly recommend it to anyone who currently uses YouTube or plans to use YouTube in the future.

Live Event Blaster 2 Bonuses

The Blaster team is throwing some great bonuses:

  • Google Ranking Training Webinar
  • Rank Events for Local Businesses Webinar
  • Launch Jacking “Blaster” Method

In addition to the Blaster Team’s bonuses, I’ve create exclusive training on how I use Live Event Blaster to rank live events and videos to generate leads for local businesses.

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned before, Live Event Blaster is my favorite video marketing software. I use it for nearly all of my videos and ALL of my live events.

The Live Event Blaster 2 upgrade adds some nice new features that will definitely help make my video marketing easier.

I definitely recommend grabbing the Pro upgrade if you plan to do multiple niches, have multiple YouTube accounts or plan to do work for local clients.

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