What is List Janitor?

List Janitor is powerful Windows desktop software that helps you clean your email list from your desktop computer itself. No more paying hefty one-time or recurring fees to get your list cleaned. Use it for as long as you want, and as often as you want.

Product Name: List Janitor

Launch Date: May 26, 2017

Launch Time: 11am EST

Launch Price: $27 (Early bird from 11am – 3pm. After 3pm the price goes to $37 but you can use coupon code lj5off to save $5.)

Upgrades: List Janitor Pro, List Janitor Agency, List Janitor Email Jeet, List Janitor Reseller and List Janitor Whitelebel

Product Creator: Cyril Gupta

Product Platform: Windows (Can run on Mac with Parallels or VMware Fusion)

In this List Janitor review we will look deeper into the product, as well as I will share my likes and dislikes.

Let’s get started by having Cyril give us a demo of List Janitor…

As you can see, List Janitor is extremely powerful and is much easier and less expensive to use than some of the online list cleaning services.

Let’s look closer at the main product and the upgrades…

The main product comes in two flavors – List Janitor Elite Monthly or List Janitor Elite Lifetime. Given that the lifetime product costs only a little more than the monthly…I can guess which one everyone will choose. 🙂

The first upgrade is List Janitor Pro and it gives you the ability to clean lists of any size, licenses for 3 computers, 2 years of free upgrades, advanced list segmentation and a license to run List Janitor on your VPS (virtual private server).

The second upgrade is List Janitor Agency and as its name implies…with this upgrade you are granted the license to sell list cleaning services to other businesses. Think of all the businesses that do email marketing that need their lists cleaned!

The third upgrade is Email Jeet Pro, which is desktop-based email sending software that connects with any SMTP provider like Sendgrid, SMTP.com, Mailgun, Amazon SES, etc. to send your emails. You can even connect your hosting’s email SMTP system to send your email.

The final upgrade is List Janitor Reseller or List Janitor Whitelabel. The reseller makes it so you can sell List Janitor and keep 100% of the profits. Whitelabel enables you to rebrand List Janitor as your own product and sell it and keep 100% of the profits.

What I like about List Janitor:

What i like about Cyril’s software is that he focuses on making his software easy to use. List Janitor is no different.

Cyril set me up with review access and I was able to install it, import a CSV of one of my lists and scan that list within 2 minutes!

Once the scan completed I could export either the valid emails or the invalid emails. I could then take that “groomed” list and import it back into my autoresponder and expect better delivery and open rates.

The cool thing too is that I could quickly look at my list and create sub-lists by count, by domain, date range or by column value.

For instance, if I wanted to target everyone with a gmail.com address I could easily run the Domain Stats feature, select gmail.com and click create Sub List. Boom…I now have a sub list of just my Gmail subscribers.

What I don’t like about List Janitor:

The primary thing I don’t like about List Janitor is not something with the actual program, but within the marketing. Specifically, I am talking about the difference between Elite and Pro with the segmentation features.

Yes, I’m nit-picking but even with pre-launch info and access to both sales pages it is hard to determine what segmentation features you get with Elite versus Pro.

So, I asked Cyril for clarification and this is what I learned…

List Janitor Elite can merge or subtract lists.

List Janitor Pro can create sub lists on sign up date, region, domain, and nearly every other criteria you can think of.

Please keep this difference in mind when you read the front-end sales page, especially the List Janitor features bullet list.

***Update May 26, 2017***

I just checked the official sales page and Cyril did add a clarification to the bullet point on the front-end sales page that says the advanced segmentation is Pro only.

Props to Cyril for doing that!!

If you’ve been looking for a way to clean and segment your email list that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, List Janitor is a great solution for you!!

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