In this Lifetime Studio FX review we will look at why these products are being re-released and take a look at the products themselves.

URGENT!! Richard and Team decided to change the launch pricing of this amazing bundle and start it at $27, instead of $47. WOW!!

What is Lifetime Studio FX?

Lifetime Studio FX is combination of two graphic design tools; Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX. Both of these tools were previously sold as monthly subscriptions and now they are being released at a single lifetime price.

Sales Page:

Launch Date: October 25, 2017

Launch Time: 10am EST

Launch Price: $27 (price rises at 5pm and then incrementally throughout the launch until landing at $97)

OTOs/Upgrades: Lifetime Studio FX Enterprise ($67), 12 Months of Template Club ($97), Reseller License ($127)

Product Creators: Both tools were originally developed by Jimmy Kim but were purchased by Richard Madison (Lifetime.Hosting).

Why are Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX being re-launched as Lifetime Studio FX?

In September 2017, Richard Madison and his team at Light Speed Technologies purchased Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX from Jimmy Kim. Previously, these graphic tools were sold for between $47 and $67. As of April, 2017 both of these graphic design tools were only sold on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. Richard purchased these design tools so that he could offer them to the public at a lower, one-time price.

What is Pixel Studio FX?

Pixel Studio FX is an online graphic design software that enables anyone to create professional eCovers and box art quickly and easily. With over 13,000 users and over 190,000 designs created…Pixel Studio FX is a proven design tool.

Pixel Studio FX includes more than 28,000 unique designs, 8,000 stock images, 6,000 web icons and 650+ professional templates.

Check out this overview video of Pixel Studio FX…

What is Social Studio FX?

Social Studio FX is also an online graphic design tool that enables anyone to create amazing, highly-engaging designs for social media, blogs, websites and other advertising. With over 3,000 members…Social Studio FX is a solid and trusted design tool.

Social Studio FX comes with over 66 different platform templates and sizes; including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, website banners and more.

Watch this quick overview video…

What are the Lifetime Studio OTOs?

The first Lifetime Studio FX OTO is an upgrade to the Enterprise version ($67). Here’s what you get with Lifetime Studio FX Enterprise…

  • 400 additional eCover templates for Pixel Studio FX
  • 18 additional eCover styles for Pixel Studio FX
  • 180 additional fonts
  • 50MB additional storage in both Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX
  • Groupshots feature within Pixel Studio FX
  • 400 additional Social Studio FX templates
  • Developer Rights so you can sell anything you create to others
  • Additional bonuses

The second Lifetime Studio FX OTO is the Pixel Studio FX template club. You can either buy a year membership at $47 or a 3 month membership at $27.

The last Lifetime Studio FX OTO is the reseller license. You can choose how many licenses you want to be able to resell (20, 50, 300) and the price changes based on the number of licenses ($67, $97, $127). With this you earn 100% commissions on the front-end puchase and 70% on upsells.

And most importantly, Richard and his team at Light Speed Technologies handle all support. 🙂

What I like about Lifetime Studio FX:

The primary thing I like about Lifetime Studio FX is that you get two very solid graphic design tools for less than $50 (if you grab it early in the launch).

Richard granted me access to both tools and they both seem very solid and straight-forward. The nice thing is that the interface in both applications is the same…just the end result is different. In other words, what you learn in one tool carries over to the other tool because the design elements and how you do stuff is the same.

I think that most anyone can learn how to use this software very quickly.

One question I asked myself is…”Who is this software for?”

With Social Studio FX the answer is easy…anyone who does anything online!

Yes, you can use free tools like Canva to do similar stuff…but, unless you’re willing to pay money you don’t get access to the really nice images and templates within Canva.

For a low one-time fee you get tons of templates and stock images within Social Studio FX…that in itself makes it worth it.

Now, with Pixel Studio FX it’s a little different. It seems to be targeted to a little more nuanced audience.

Pixel Studio FX is definitely great for digital product creators, graphic designers, authors, PLR creators, etc.

In other words, Pixel Studio FX seems to mostly be for people who are creating digital products or for designers selling their designs to people who need eCovers or box art for their digital products.

In my business Social Studio FX would be used daily and Pixel Studio FX when needed.

So, as you consider Lifetime Studio FX really think about how you would use these tools and whether they will save you time, money or both.

What I don’t like about Lifetime Studio FX:

Honestly, not much.

Jimmy Kim created two very solid products and now Richard Madison is enabling everyone to grab them for a single, lifetime payment.

One concern might be the future of the products. Will Richard and his team continue to improve the products or will they remain as-is? Will the support change or suffer due to the acquisition?

With these questions in mind I asked Richard about these possible concerns and below are his responses…

“We are relaunching these as a bundle to generate revenue to improve the platform and features. In terms of support, our team at Light Speed Technologies ( provides business hour support via email & ticketing system. This is the same team we use for and lifetime stock video and all of our other products & services.”

Richard also mentioned that his team has spent the last month and half learning both tools inside and out so that they can provide the best support possible.

It definitely sounds like Richard and his team have got things covered!

Are there any Lifetime Studio FX bonuses?

Yes! Check these out…

30 Bonus Pixel Studio FX Templates

You get 30 additional Pixel Studio FX templates. These templates have never been released outside of the monthly template club.

Lifetime Membership in IM.Tools Academy

You also get access to hours upon hours of online training. Topics include WordPress, Screencasting, Google Marketing Tools, etc.

12 Amazing eBooks

You get 12 amazing online marketing eBooks that include master resale rights.

Social Media Income Bundle

Learn everything you need to know about social media marketing in this 36-video course.

Final Thoughts on Lifetime Studio FX

Thanks for checking out our Lifetime Studio FX review!

I think this is a great offer that includes solid products that will definitely be used.

I post to social media every day and know that Social Studio FX would help me up my “designs” and potentially lead to more conversions.

Pixel Studio FX is one of the “go to” tools for eCover and box art creation…it is definitely a great tool to have in one’s arsenal.

Please keep in mind that if you plan to sell your designs you need to grab the Enterprise upgrade to get developer rights.

Bottom line…to get both of these tools for one low price is amazing and and well worth consideration.

Also, to assist with getting you the best deal possible I’ve included the price increase schedule below…

Wednesday, October 25. Day 1
10:00 a.m. … launch … $47.00 $27.00
11:59 p.m. … $2.95 price bump … $29.95

Thursday, October 26. Day 2
0:00 a.m. … start of day … $29.95
5:00 p.m. … $3.00 price bump … $32.95 … $2 coupon code DISCOUNT2
11:59 p.m. … $2.00 price bump … $34.95 … $4 coupon code DISCOUNT4

Friday, October 27. Day 3
0:00 a.m. … start of day … $34.95 … $4 coupon code DISCOUNT4
24 hour price freeze
11:59 p.m. … $3.00 price bump … $37.95 … $5 coupon code DISCOUNT5

Saturday, October 28. Day 4
0:00 a.m. … start of day … $37.95 … $5 coupon code DISCOUNT5
5:00 p.m. … $2.00 price bump … $39.95 … $5 coupon code DISCOUNT5
11:59 p.m. … $3.00 price bump … $42.95 … $8 coupon code DISCOUNT8

Sunday, October 29. Day 5
0:00 a.m. … start of day … $42.95 … $8 coupon code DISCOUNT8
5:00 p.m. … $2.00 price bump … $44.95 … $8 coupon code DISCOUNT8
11:59 p.m. … $3.00 price bump … $47.95 … $8 coupon code DISCOUNT8

Monday, October 30. Day 6
0:00 a.m. … start of day … $47.95 … $8 coupon code DISCOUNT8
24 hour price freeze
11:59 p.m. … end of launch … $47.95 … $8 coupon code DISCOUNT8

Tuesday, October 31
Morning … post launch pricing … $97.00

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