Keyword Supremacy is an amazing keyword research tool that does local, affiliate, and eCom keyword research. It is from the same team that brought you Project Supremacy.

Keyword Supremacy uses a credits-based system. Pricing is based on the number of credits purchased.

$47 / $97 / $197

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What is Keyword Supremacy?

Keyword Supremacy is a keyword research tool that encompasses a whole new way of thinking, a whole new way of researching, and a whole new keyword research experience.

Keyword Supremacy was created by SEOs Herc Magnus and Todd Spears.

These are the same guys who revolutionized WordPress SEO with their Project Supremacy SEO plugin.

What makes Keyword Supremacy better than other keyword research tools?

Because Herc and Todd are SEOs they have built Keyword Supremacy with SEOs and marketers in mind.

Let’s look at what they have done to separate Keyword Supremacy from the competition…

Keyword Supremacy has a database of every town and city in the US and Canada that is combined with the suggest feature to help you uncover hidden keyword gems that no other keyword tool can touch.

Keyword Supremacy doesn’t just use the basic Google suggest results, it enables you to take a root keyword and search for results like “root keyword A_ _ _”, “A_ _ _ root keyword”, “best A_ _ _ root keyword”, and even “root keyword AA_ _”.

That means you can search 4 different ways: before, after, middle, and beside.

The one problem with most keyword tools is that once you have your list you have to go to Google AdWords Keyword Planner to get search volume and CPC metrics.

Not with Keyword Supremacy!

The metrics for search volume, CPC, competition, and more are built-in!!

OK, that is pretty cool…anything other features?


Keyword Supremacy also comes with these features…

  • Fast Filters
  • Competition Analysis
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Reliability

What’s this weird credit-based pricing all about?

Herc and Todd decided to implement what they call “fair usage” pricing.

Instead of being charged by the month (whether you use the tool or not), Keyword Supremacy is a credit-based system where the credits never expire.

In other words, the credits are good until you use them.

So how far will the base package of 20 credits get you?

The example Herc and Todd give is this…

“When our system suggests 360 keywords for you from a seed search, it will only ever cost you 1 credit to get ALL of the metrics for ALL of those keywords.”

They explain it further on the sales page.

Any chance we can see a Keyword Supremacy demo?

Watch it and be amazed…

Jay, what do you think about Keyword Supremacy?

I have used numerous keyword tools over the past few years (Market Samurai, PowerSuggestPro, Keyword Ignition, P1Targeting).

My two biggest complaints with these tools has been:

  1. Keyword suggestions are not that good.
  2. No metrics.

It always seemed like the tool was good with one or the other.

Keyword Supremacy does a great job of fixing both of those complaints.

With the flexible keyword suggest feature (beginning, after, middle, beside) and built-in metrics I think Keyword Supremacy has jumped ahead of all of the tools I mention above.

On top of that, if you do local marketing this tool blows everything else out of the water with its built-in population database info.

I highly recommend Keyword Supremacy to all SEOs, local marketers, and affiliate marketers.

Jay, I’m sold but are there any bonuses?


Check these out…

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