IFTTT SEO Academy v2 Launches at 9am on March 28th, 2016

***First 24 Hours Only – Special Bonus – YouTube Mastery Training***

IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 is a step-by-step SEO training program that teaches you how to build high authority, Google-trusted syndication networks that can be used to rank your website, your clients’ websites, or be sold to others for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 – $47/mo ($67/mo after launch)

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The Next Big Thing in SEO Is Here!

Hi, my name is Jay and do I have a deal for you today.*

The Ninja SEO Technique I am going to share with you today will get you rankings even before you post your website, video, or any content on the web whatsoever.**

Better yet…if you get in on the early-earlier-earliest-bird special you’ll pay the amount I want you to pay, but emotionally you’ll feel like you received a great deal!***

Also, BUY NOW or you might as well give up because everyone who’s anyone is buying this deal and without it you don’t stand a chance!****

So just sit back, relax, pop open a drink, get out your credit card and read on.*****

Image of a car and a used car salesman.

*This one is true.

**This one is a bit exaggerated. You do need to have content on the web in order to show up in a search result.

***Unfortunately, this one is true much of the time.

****Please don’t give up. You can do it, with or without this training.

*****Do everything except get out your credit card. Unless, of course, you decide to purchase. But even then you will most likely be able to just use PayPal and not need to actually go get your credit card.

The Shiny Object Syndrome

Image of a pin with Shiny Object Syndrome on it.OK, I was feeling a bit jovial when I started writing this review.

I must have received hundreds of marketing emails this past week and I can honestly say that I am getting a little tired of the hype.

Every day there is a new training course or tool that I have to get if I want to succeed online.

Unfortunately, I have been sucked in by the hype too many times and made the mistake of buying the next shiny object.

If that sounds all to familiar, my advice to you as well as myself is STOP!

OK, on with the show…

What Is IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0?

IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 is a comprehensive online video training course that teaches you step-by-step how to setup a network of Google-trusted, high authority sites with automated content syndication from your blog, YouTube channel, or a number of other trigger sites.

Image of the network of sites with a YouTube trigger point for the IFTTT network.

As you can see from the image above, a fully deployed IFTTT SEO network consists of up to 25 sites. All of these sites are well-known legitimate sites, not just any ole crappy Web 2.0 platforms.

Within the IFTTT SEO v2 training you will be walked through setting up each of these sites and shown how to interconnect them for even more authority building power.

What’s Included With IFTTT SEO Academy 2.o?

IFTTT SEO Academy v2 is divided into six main modules:


Semantic Mastery is dedicated to keeping IFTTT SEO Academy up to date. Changes to sites or strategies are included in this section.


The team walks you through configuring your computer and browser in such a way that protects your sites from being shut down or penalized.


This is the meat of the training where you are taken step-by-step through the creation of each and every site.


In this module you are taught how to deploy IFTTT recipes that automate the syndication of your content.


With your network and automation in place this module takes you to the next level by teaching you how to build tiered IFTTT networks and use them for video syndication.

Image of the sites included in a tiered IFTTT network.


In this module the team explains the many uses for your IFTTT network, including video marketing, online reputation management, and social media management.

What About IFTTT SEO Academy v2 Bonuses?

The team at Semantic Mastery has included some great training bonuses.

Bonus #1Ongoing Monthly Live Webinars – The team will share updates to training and strategies.

Bonus #2Access to a Private IFTTT SEO Facebook Group – You get access to even more tips, as well as join a community of like-minded SEO peeps.

Bonus #3Livestreaming Sites – Additional training modules on incorporating live-streaming sites, such as Rebelmouse, into your syndication network.

Bonus #4Advanced RSS Tactics – Includes a FREE WordPress plugin, automation script, and powerful RSS tricks to use with your syndication network.

Bonus #5, 6, 7 and Beyond – Special unannounced bonuses await you inside!

My IFTTT SEO Academy 2 Review

While looking through the modules for v2 of IFTTT SEO Academy some of them seemed very familiar.

Well, of course they did!

I went through v1 of the course and much of the Setup, Account Creation, and IFTTT Connection modules had the same basic info, simply updated for changes.

The step-by-step videos make it easy for anyone to follow along and build their syndication network.

Where I think IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 excels over v1 is in the Advanced Training and Application modules.

The Semantic Mastery team has gone out of its way to provide practical use-case strategies and advanced techniques that will help you get the most SEO power from your syndication network.

And maybe the best point of all…this training is accessible to anyone!

Whether you are a blogger trying to extend your reach, an SEO pro looking for a better way to build links, or a reputation manager looking for strategic ways to quickly improve your client’s online reputation…

I can’t stress enough how easy the IFTTT SEO Academy’s step-by-step training videos are to follow and implement!

Learning how to build your own IFTTT syndication networks is a great skill set to acquire. These networks increase your search visibility, extend your brand, and multiply your authority.

Combine all of these and the best result of implementing IFTTT networks is increased revenue and profits!

Why I Love Semantic Mastery

I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon Semantic Mastery.

I suspect it happened while trying to learn more about SEO and the strange website, IFTTT.com

In fact, if you search for “ifttt seo” the first result is iftttseo.com, which is Semantic Mastery’s sales page for IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0.

In May, 2015 I bought the original IFTTT SEO Academy course and was amazed at how well it detailed, step-by-step exactly how to setup your computer and build each and every network property…the right way!

There was no guessing at how to do anything…including how to best use your IFTTT network to improve your primary website rankings.

I was so impressed with the quality of the training that about 11 days later I bought Semantic Mastery’s YouTube Silo Academy. Again, the quality of the content and its step-by-step videos helped me whip my YouTube channels into shape!

Ranking videos became a breeze.

By this time I was also attending Semantic Mastery’s FREE weekly SEO question and answer sessions, Humpday Hangouts.

Humpday Hangouts is where the team at Semantic Mastery gives away amazing SEO info and strategies by answering ANYONE’s questions.

Yes, anyone who posted got their question answered, either on the hangout or in a follow-up hangout, email, or podcast.

But, every once in a while a question would come up that would have to be pushed to what they called the Semantic Mastery Mastermind.

Well, I had to learn more about this Mastermind and in June of 2015 I dove in to it as well.

Joining the Semantic Mastery Mastermind has been the single most important decision in my SEO and Internet Marketing career. The advanced SEO techniques taught in the Mastermind have quickly moved my SEO knowledge from newbie to expert in a relatively short amount of time.

On top of the bi-weekly learning sessions, Mastermind members receive Semantic Mastery training priced under $300 for free and discounts on higher-priced training, such as RYS Academy (Worth every penny!!).

With the knowledge I have gained from Semantic Mastery I am well on my way to becoming a full-time Online Entrepreneur by the end of 2016.

I highly recommend IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0!

For that matter, I highly recommend ALL Semantic Mastery training!

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