What is FlickGIF?

FlickGIF is software that enables you to quickly and easily create animated GIFs in both GIF and MP4 formats.

Launch Date: March 7, 2017

Launch Time: 11am EST

Launch Price $27 (price rises at 5pm to $27.95 and increases by $1 every 12-24 hours thereafter)

Product Creator: Andrew Darius (The Explaindio Team)

Product Platform: Mac or PC (Adobe Air-based)

FlickGIF makes creating attention-grabbing animated GIFs a breeze.

You simply select a video, pick your region, add text (if desired) and export.

FlickGIF also enables you to:

  • Adjust speed, reverse, or bounce
  • Add animated text
  • Add Flash-based animation stickers
  • Apply filters like black & white, mirroring effect, negative filter, flip horizontal and flip vertical
  • Adjust size, orientation, frames per second, and color depth
  • Pan and zoom
  • Export in traditional animated GIF or MP4 formats

Are there any upsells (One Time Offers)?

Yes. See the list below…

OTO1 – FlickGIF Pro – enables you take already created GIFs, edit them, and then export your new version in either standard animated GIF or MP4 formats.

OTO2 – FlickGIF Club – this is a subscription that delivers animated business stickers (Flaqsh animated objects) to you every month to use in your animated GIFs.

OTO3 – FlickGIF Enterprise – grants you the license to sell your animated GIFs to clients.

The rest of the OTOs are related to GIPHplayer, which enables you to control the GIF playing experience when used on websites.

See FlickGIF in action..

[re_engager id=’27747′]

As you can see from the demo video, FlickGIF is super easy to use.

Thankfully, Andrew set me up with review access and with the help of my daughter we were able to quickly create the fun animated GIF below.

MP4 Version

GIF Version

Why does FlickGIF export mp4 and gif formats?

FlickGIF exports in multiple formats because some social media sites (most notably Facebook and Instagram) do not automatically play animated GIFs when uploaded in standard animated GIF format.

Facebook only animates a GIF if shared using an external link, which tends to decrease views due to Facebook’s preference for native video and images. Instagram doesn’t allow animated GIFs at all.

So, the way around this limitation is to export the animated GIF in MP4 format and upload the MP4 to Facebook or Instagram so it will loop automatically as a video loop.

What I like about FlickGIF:

I have only created a few animated GIFs in my day and mostly with free tools that were a little clunky, but creating an animated GIF with FlickGIF was very simple.

  • My wife recorded the video of my daughter doing the flip.
  • My daughter and I imported the video into FlickGIF and selected the region of the video we wanted to use
  • We selected the bounce effect, which plays the GIF and then reverses it to create a fun loop
  • We applied the black & white filter on the Export settings and exported it in both GIF and MP4 formats

I would say less than 5 minutes from start to finish.

I didn’t have any issues and it was fun to create this animated GIF with my daughter.

What I don’t like about FlickGIF:

Based on my tests, FlickGIF works great.

My concern is not with the software itself, but whether the software is needed given free alternatives like Giphy’s tools. (Giphy is one of the most popular animated GIF sites on the web.)

So I set out to compare Giphy’s free tools with FlickGIF in order to help you make an informed decision about FlickGIF.

  • Platform
    • Giphy tools are cloud-based and accessible via your browser. Giphy has 4 separate tools: GIF Maker, Slideshow, GIF Caption and GIF Editor.
    • FlickGIF is a single Adobe Air software that is installed locally to your PC or Mac.
  • Video Access
    • With Giphy’s GIF Maker tool you can enter a YouTube, Vine, or video URL or upload a video file.
    • With FlickGIF you have to select a video file from your local computer. To use YouTube videos you would need to download them first.
  • Region Selection
    • Both systems allow you to select the region of the video you want to use.
  • Speed, Reverse, Bouncing
    • With Giphy’s GIF Maker tool you cannot adjust the speed, reverse the animation or bounce the animation. But, once you have created the animated GIF you can use Giphy’s GIF Editor to add these types of effects. So it’s a multi-step process.
    • With FlickGIF you can quickly adjust the speed, reverse the animation and bounce the animation.
  • Captions/Text
    • With Giphy’s GIF Maker tool you can add a caption and can choose between the Default, Meme, and Subtitle styles and some basic colors. With Giphy’s GIF Editor there are a couple more style options and you can add text animation. Again, you have to create the initial animated GIF first and then used the GIF Editor to edit the GIF, which makes it a multi-step process.
    • With FlickGIF you can add up to 4 unique text blocks, adjust the text color to any color, adjust the text block background color to any color or make it transparent, choose any font on your system and choose whether to animate the text or not.
  • Images
    • You are unable to add extra images on your animated GIF using any of Giphy’s tools.
    • With FlickGIF you can add any image you like on top of your animated GIF and resize it. This is useful for adding watermarks or a company logo.
  • Stickers (animated Flash objects that can be added on top of the GIF)
    • With Giphy’s GIF Editor you can search and pick from thousands of available Flash animated objects.
    • With FlickGIF you have to search the Internet and download Flash animated objects to add to your GIFs.
  • Effects
    • With Giphy’s GIF Editor you can apply any one of 20 filters (black and white, sunset, solarize, etc.) to the background, stickers or both.
    • With FlickGIF you can apply the black & white filter, negative filter, flip horizontal or vertical, or mirroring effect.
  • Area Selection
    • There is no way to select an area of your GIF with Giphy tools.
    • With FlickGIF you can select a specific area of your GIF or select a 1:1, 16:9, or 9:16 area.
  • Zoom and Pan
    • There is no way to zoom and pan with Giphy tools.
    • FlickGIF enables you to zoom and pan within your animation.
  • Export
    • Giphy enables you download standard animated GIF format only.
    • FlickGIF enables you to export in both standard animated GIF and MP4 formats.

I think this covers most of it.

After creating this comparison there are two things I would like to see added to FlickGIF that the Giphy tools make real easy:

  1. Ability to add video via YouTube or video URL.
  2. Ability to easily search a Flash animation library for the “stickers”.

The bottom line is this…

You can do a pretty good job of creating basic animated GIFs with Giphy’s free tools. Giphy’s tools have more robust filters that you may or may not find useful. And, the searchable stickers library is really nice. The biggest drawback is that you cannot export your finished animated GIF in MP4 format to be used natively in Facebook and Instagram.

To create more complex, professional animated GIFs that can be used across all social platforms, FlickGIF is the better option.

Are there any bonuses Jay?

Yes. Andrew is throwing in the following bonuses…

I am also including…

If you want to be able to create professional animated GIFs that work on all social platforms FlickGIF is a great easy-to-use tool.

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