What is FITD Formula?

FITD Formula is a new training course that teaches you a simple strategy for getting your foot in the door with new local clients.

Launch Date: April 14, 2017

Launch Time: 8am EST

Launch Price: $17 – $21

Upsells: Yes, but they were not clarified on the JV page.

Product Creators: The Offline Sharks, Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte.

The FITD Formula covers everything you need to know to learn strategies for landing new clients.

Below are the training modules included with FITD Formula:

  • Start Here
    • Welcome
    • What is a F.I.T.D.S?
    • Building Client Relationships
  • Your Secret Weapon – Creating Your Own FITDS
    • FITD 3 Step  Process Overview
    • Finding a Great How To Article
    • Validating Your FITD Service
    • More FITD Ideas
  • Prospecting With Your FITD Service
    • Targeting the Right Prospects
    • Finding Prospects
    • 4 Ways to Find Anyone’s Email Address
    • Cold Email Template
  • Pricing Your FITDS
    • Pricing Your FITD Service
    • Pricing Your FITDS (Advanced)
  • Final Thoughts & Loose Ends
    • Following Up
    • Final Thoughts

What I like about FITD Formula:

I’m always a fan of what the Offline Sharks release because I know that Tom and Nick spend the majority of their time building their local marketing businesses.

Unlike others, that mostly do product launching about local marketing, product launching is a secondary endeavor for the Sharks.

What that means is that the info they provide is not theory…it is what is working for them today!

FITD Formula or Foot In The Door Formula is no exception.

Tom provides solid info on creating a foot-in-the-door service that helps you make a little money, but more importantly gets you a quick win with the client and opens the door for additional services to be sold.

With the guidance Tom provides you will be able to quickly create your FITDS and learn how to get in front of the right person.

Tom even shares tricks for finding email addresses, as well as cold email templates to help you get started.

I definitely will be using the strategies taught in FITD Formula to find and land new clients.

What I don’t like about FITD Formula:

Maybe it’s just me, but I would have liked a summary video at the end.

Tom wraps up the training with a section on pricing your foot-in-the-door service.

I think a summary video of the entire process at the end would help solidify what was taught throughout the course.

I’ll shoot a note to Tom and see what he thinks.


Tom added two closing videos that go into client follow up and summarize the FITD strategy. Awesome!

Are there any FITD Formula bonuses, Jay?

Yes. Tom and Nick are including the following bonuses…

  • Secrets to Outsourcing Success
  • How to Land Clients Through Networking Groups

I am also throwing in something special…

  • Using one of my available template videos, I will customize a video that you can either rank yourself, or sell to a prospect. In other words, I’m giving you a simple FITD service/product. (If I don’t have an existing template video for the niche you need, we will figure something out.)

If you struggle getting your foot in the door with new clients, FITD Formula can give you the proven strategies you need to land that next client!

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