Fan Page Robot is a social media management platform that allows you to find and post viral content on autopilot to your Facebook Fan Pages, Google Plus Pages, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger.

Pro Plan – $9/mo – Manage up to 4 Facebook Fan Pages and 28 other social media pages.

Unlimited Plan – $29/mo – Manage UNLIMITED pages on 8 blog/social media platforms.

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I have been active on social media for business reasons for several years now and manage between 5 – 10 social profiles at any given time. It has been very difficult to provide content and manage that many accounts.

For the past two years I have used HootSuite to monitor, manage, and schedule my posts. I love HootSuite!

But, for some of my social accounts I simply need a level of automation that HootSuite is not geared towards.

Enter, Fan Page Robot.

Fan Page Robot Demo

Fan Page Robot Features

As you can see from the video, Fan Page Robot is a powerful social media management platform!

Just to give you an idea of the features…let me try to run them all down…

  • Autopilot
    • Automatic viral content discovery
    • Automatic content creation
    • Auto-posting to your social media accounts and blogs from RSS feeds and keyword searches
    • Auto-posting from your primary blog to your other blog and social media accounts
  • Viral Content
    • Discover the latest and most interesting content sorted by number of shares or favorites
    • Quickly see trending data on keywords via Google Trends
    • Email notification of new content with the ability to publish it right from your email
    • Multi-lingual support
  • Lead Generation
    • New method allows you to promote your company on YouTube, Yahoo, and other high-authority sites for FREE
    • 100+ high-converting and beautiful templates
    • Integration with your Autoresponder
  • Hashtag Analysis
    • Built-in system that analyzes your hashtags and shows you related hashtags and their view and share rates in Facebook and Twitter
  • Video Marketing
    • Automatically find videos from top social, video, and news sites and upload them to Facebook as a Native Facebook video so that videos will auto-play within the news feed.
  • Top Influencers
    • Find top influencers in your niche and connect with them

OK, that was a mouth full!

Fan Page Robot Benefits


Save Time

Easy Interface

Low Cost

Increase Authority

Become a Raving Fan…

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My Experience with Fan Page Robot

I picked up the Pro plan ($9/mo) so I could put Fan Page Robot through a couple of tests.

Setup was very simple.

Once I logged in I was asked to connect with Facebook. Once connected to Facebook I was able to chose which Facebook Fan Pages I wanted to manage.

I selected my pages and then was taking to the dashboard.

IMage of the Fan Page Robot Dashboard

As you can see from the screen shot…the dashboard is laid out very cleanly. You can see that there are tabs for finding content, mixing content, and creating campaigns.

Image of the Fan Page Robot Search Screen

On the Generate Content screen you can search for the latest news, images, videos, pull from RSS feeds, and search for top influencers.

It is super easy to find fresh and popular content!

If you discover a search that gives you great results consistently you can click the Save Search to Content Mixer.

Image of the Fan Page Robot Content Mixer

The Content Mixer is where the magic happens!

In here you can configure auto-posting to your social accounts and blog sites. You have complete control over what, when, and how often content gets published.

This is so powerful!

Image of the Fan Page Robot Campaign Screen

Lastly, on the Campaigns screen you can quickly and easily build landing pages and opt-in forms.

When you put all of these features together you have one extremely powerful social media management tool!

My Thoughts

I am only a few days into using Fan Page Robot but I can already tell that it is going to free me up to focus on other parts of my business. Being able to find viral content, save that search, and automatically share that content is just so powerful.

All of this functionality for the price of a super-size combo from McDonald’s!

If you are a social media manager, social media consultant, or you are simply responsible for your company’s social media presence…I definitely recommend giving Fan Page Robot a try today!

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