Explode Your List is training from Fergal Downes that teaches you how to grow your email list using several methods Fergal has used over and over to make money and build his list.

Launch Date: November 3, 2016

Launch Time: 10am EST

Explode Your List – $7 (first 3 hours – then a dimesale)

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What is Explode Your List?

Explode Your List is an email list building course from Fergal Downes that teaches you some of his most successful methods for building an email list.

Some of these methods involve giving away stuff…

And some involve making money while building your email list.

What’s included with Explode Your List?

Explode Your List is a video training course with 15+ videos (not counting intro and other “non-teaching” videos) that walk you through several different methods of building your email list.

For each method Fergal walks you through the strategy and the setup of the strategy.

What do you think about Explode Your List?

Fergal was nice enough to hook me up with review access to Explode Your List.

I struggled greatly to build my email list so I was personally interested in Fergal’s methods.

Overall, I really like Fergal methods.

I think I have heard of most of them, but I never had anyone explain them to me or show me exactly how to set them up.

Two things to know before picking up Explode Your List…

  1. For most of the methods you will need a short training course of your own. This can be an ebook or video training. Fergal even has videos that tell you how to quickly create your short training course.
  2. One of the methods will only work if you have previously released a course on Warrior+. Now this is not a deal breaker, but I did want you to know before you purchased so you’re not surprised by it. Again, Fergal gives you a way around this.

If you have struggled to build your email list I definitely think Fergal’s methods will help you gain quality subscribers.

Hey Jay, what about the bonuses?

If you pick up Explode Your List through my link I will include the following…

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