Email Prospecting Blitz is brand new training from the Offline Sharks, Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte. In this training Tom and Nick teach you how to succeed with email prospecting.

Launch Date: December 16, 2016

Launch Time: 8am EST

Friday – $17

Saturday – $18

Sunday – $19

Monday – $21

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What is Email Prospecting Blitz?

Unlike many email courses that focus on building your email list or selling affiliate products, Email Marketing Blitz is a course that teaches you how to succeed at email prospecting in the B2B space.

In fact, one of the first videos in the course talks about why most people fail at email prospecting…

  • Scraping and sending hundreds or thousands of emails
  • Lack of prospect research time
  • Send the wrong info
  • Simply don’t follow up
  • Follow up way too much

Tom and Nick walk you through finding the right prospects, getting to the decision maker, writing quality cold emails, and handling common responses.

Let’s take a look inside the training…

What’s included with Email Prospecting Blitz?

This is a very comprehensive course on email prospecting. Below are the modules that are included:

  • Welcome
    • Why Most People Fail at Email Prospecting
    • Finding Email Prospects
  • Flushing Out the Decision Maker
    • It’s All About the Decision Maker
    • Where to Start
    • How to Find the Decision Maker
    • How to Use LinkedIn
    • How to Ethically Find Anyones Email Address
    • Email Tracking
    • Software Tools to Help Find Anyones Email
  • Writing Cold Emails That Get Results
    • Fundamentals
    • Subject Lines
    • Cold Email Formula
    • Screencast Technique
    • Cold Email Formula Large Companies
    • Direct & Indirect Referrals
    • Following Up
  • Handling Common Responses
    • Can you send us more information?
    • Can you follow up with later?
    • Who have you worked with?
    • No Response

Jay, what do you think about Email Prospecting Blitz?

I am a big fan of Tom and Nick’s training. Past courses such as Local AdWords Income, Local Client Shark, and SEO Shark Academy have helped me immensely!

With Email Prospecting Blitz, Tom and Nick have tackled one of the biggest problems local marketers face…prospecting.

I have been through other prospecting courses, but many simply give you a “magic email script” and a means to find targets and that’s about it.

Not so in Email Marketing Blitz!

Because Tom and Nick have their own local businesses, they aren’t giving you theory…they are giving you exactly what is working for them…right now.

This truly comes through in the training.

Tom teaches you exactly how and where to focus your energy so that you don’t get stuck in the traps of spamming or wasting time with non-decision makers.

In other words, instead of just running some tool or search query to find every landscaper in town and then sending a cold email to whatever email address was returned…Tom teaches you how to find the companies that will most likely be open to your message and the right person (the decision maker) to send your message to.

The section on writing cold emails is fantastic!

I have to admit, I think I have broken every rule they lay down in the Fundamentals video.

If you are anything like me, by the time you get done with the email writing section you will have a solid understanding of what to say in your cold emails.

And last but not least, the Handling Common Responses section will definitely help you know how to deal with some of the most common responses (or lack of responses) you will receive from prospects.

Once again, I am super impressed with Tom and Nick’s training.

If you have struggled with email prospecting, or even if you are just looking for some additional guidance, Email Prospecting Blitz will get you head in the right direction!

Any bonuses?

Yes, I am including my Twit Brigade training if you purchase through my link.

Make sure to grab Email Prospecting Blitz on Friday, December 16th to get the lowest price!

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