Easy Clone System is a training/affiliate offer where you are taught how to find, market, and sell offers, including Easy Clone System itself.

Launch Date: October 24th

Launch Time: 9am EST

Easy Clone System – $1 FREE trial for 10 days ($34.95 per month after the trial)

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What is Easy Clone System?

Easy Clone System is a combination of training and affiliate marketing all wrapped into one massive package.

Let’s start with the affiliate marketing aspect…

Easy Clone System was built by Alan Magliocca in such a way that right off the bat you are able to promote his products and receive affiliate commissions.

In fact the first Menu Item in the Dashboard is “My Funnel”.

Easy Clone System menu of My Funnel

On this page you put in your GetResponse campaign name, PayPal ID, upload a tax form (W9 for US residents) and click Submit to get a custom affiliate link created.

This affiliate link can then be shared using either free or paid traffic methods and takes visitors to an optin page where they can enter their email address to receive a “free” copy of Alan’s book, From Misery to Millions.

Two things to note:

  1. When the user opts in to receive the offer they are added to your list (hence the GetResponse campaign name above).
  2. By “free”, Alan actually means the book itself is free but the shipping is not. This is commonly referred to as a free+shipping offer and is used by tons of product promoters in both the online and offline spaces.

But get this, the shipping cost is $7.95, but Alan pays you $20 if your visitor pays the shipping for the book.

So, you get the person on your list no matter what and $20 if they pay for shipping on the “free” book.

Now let’s look at the training aspect…

The other side of Easy Clone System is the training Alan provides on online marketing. This course is one that Alan has sold for $2,000 in the past.

Alan has structured the training into college-like levels…

Easy Clone System menu Training Modules

Within each level Alan covers a different topics. Below is a rough breakdown…

  • Freshman – Alan covers topics like offer types, niche selection, affiliate networks, and domain name selection and setup.
  • Sophmore – Alan covers topics like hosting and optin page setup, optin redirects, exit splash pages, follow-up series, and traffic sources.
  • Junior – Alan covers topics like competitor research, outsourcing, funnel layouts, sales copy, and funnel testing.
  • Senior – Alan covers topics like scaling your existing efforts and expanding your efforts to new niches.
  • Graduate – Alan covers topics like email marketing, Facebook ads, PPC, and media buys.
  • Workshops on Demand – Alan covers a wide variety of advanced topics as well as goes deeper into topics already covered.

In all there are over 20 videos in the college-level training that typically are about 20-30 minutes in length. And the Workshops on Demand has another 30+ videos.

OK Jay, what do you think about Easy Clone System?

Let’s first start out by saying I have not gone though every video. (As stated above, that’s over 10 hours of training in the college modules alone.)

But, I did work through several of the training modules and took all of the quizzes.

I think Alan’s training is solid and great for anyone starting out in online marketing.

Alan basically takes you by the hand and leads you from online newbie to seasoned online marketer.

Alan also gives you products to promote so that you can put what you learn into practice and begin making affiliate commissions.

So, overall I like the system Alan has put together in Easy Clone System.

But, there are a few of things I don’t like…

  • Currently, the Easy Clone System only supports GetResponse. For people just starting out that do not already have an autoresponder, this is not a problem. For people that already have an autoresponder that is not GetResponse, this means you have to either switch to GetResponse or add GetResponse, which means more money out of your pocket.
    • I started out with GetResponse but eventually moved to Sendlane because of price and feature set.
  • In the “My Funnel” setup video Alan talks about using a paid traffic source called Human Eyeballs. This is a site where you buy traffic to your optin page in the hopes you build a big list and make affiliate commissions on Alan’s book to offset the cost. I know nothing about Human Eyeballs but I don’t typically like it when the first thing I have to do after buying a course is go spend more money.
    • Don’t get me wrong, if I buy a course on paid traffic I expect to have to go pay for traffic. But in this case, the minimum package from Human Eyeballs is $300. For many people that is just too much. I would rather see a FREE traffic method proposed or one that is less expensive.
    • Also note that the link to Human Eyeballs from within Easy Clone Systems is an affiliate link so I assume Alan is making a percentage of every traffic purchase. Not knocking the strategy, just making you aware.
  • After the $1 free trial the Easy Clone System is $34.95 per month.
    • I understand why Alan has structured the system this way. He has invested an insane amount of money into building a complete done-for-you training/affiliate marketing platform that includes a course that normally sells for $2000. He has to try and recoup costs. He also plans to add more sales funnels to promote.
    • I also understand that Alan believes in his system and believes that if people follow it they will be able to build a revenue stream that makes the $34.95 per month cost a no-brainer.
    • I am just a little wary of the pay-to-promote model. If it works then $34.95 per month is only 2 book sales (I mean free shipping sales). And I guess if you can’t make 2 sales a month after all of the training included, you might consider a different means of making money. So, I think I get Alan’s thought process.


With Easy Clone System I recommend you grab the $1 FREE trial and do the following…

  • Days 1-5
    • Create a 30 day trial at GetResponse
      • Setup a campaign as Alan instructs
    • Create your affiliate link
      • Enter your GetResponse campaign name
      • Enter your PayPal email
      • Upload your tax document
      • Click Submit
    • Immediately star promoting the offer (Alan’s book) via social media
    • Go through ALL of the core training
      • Go through all of Alan’s training. This is a $2000 course for $1.
  • Days 6-10
    • Possibly add some of Alan’s paid traffic methods to see if you get any sales.

If you are unable to get any sales (in other words, $20 commissions from the sale of Alan’s “free” book) by the time your 10 days is up…cancel!

If you are able to make at least $40 you have more than covered your first month of the subscription and have proven to yourself that Easy Clone System works.

Thanks Jay, are there any bonuses?

Because this is a $1 trial offer I don’t think Alan is offering any bonuses expect for the bonus video lessons within the training course.

But, if you purchase the trial through my link I have the following bonus for you…

So, if you are just starting out on your online adventure and are looking for training that not only teaches you, but also gives you a sales funnel to promote…Easy Clone Systems is a great way to start!!

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