What is Down & Dirty Facebook Advertising?

Down & Dirty Facebook Advertising is a video training course from Sharon Gutierrez that teaches you how to run successful Facebook ads for local businesses.

Launch Date: May 2, 2017

Launch Time: 8am EST

Launch Price: $17 (Price rises $1 per day through the launch)

Product Upsells: Yes, but the JV page did not detail what they were.

Product Creators: Sharon Gutierrez (with the Offline Sharks – Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte)

In this Down & Dirty Facebook Advertising review we will look at what this course is about and I’ll give you my thoughts on its contents.

Below are the modules contained in the Down & Dirty Facebook Advertising training…

  • Start Here
    • Introduction & Overview
    • Always Start With This
  • Creating Facebook Ads that Win
    • Not All Ads Are Created Equal
    • The Secret To Writing Facebook Ads That Convert
    • Over-The-Shoulder Facebook Ad Creation
    • Fixing Ads That Are Rejected
    • Creating Rejection Proof Ads
    • Optimizing Your Facebook Ads
  • Budgeting For Maximum Results
    • Budgeting For Maximum Results
    • What Affects Cost Per Click (CPC)
    • How We Budget & Price Services At Shar Enterprise
  • Conclusion
    • I’m Here To Help
  • Bonus Trainings and Forms
    • Bonus Over-The-Shoulder Facebook Ad Creation for Client
    • Scheduling Tips
    • Social Media Calendar & Template

What I like about Down & Dirty Facebook Advertising:

Sharon does an excellent job of giving you her thought process and system for running Facebook ads for local businesses.

She walks you through the creation of 2 Facebook ads and gives you the “what” and “why” behind each choice she makes.

What’s funny is Sharon even tries to slip the word “badass” into one of her ads….which is typically not allowed.

(spoiler alert)

The ad was rejected.

What’s cool is Sharon shows you what to do when an ad gets rejected. 🙂

The last thing I like is that Sharon not only teaches how to run Facebook Ads, but she also teaches you how to run Facebook Ads as a service so that you can quickly turn what you learn into a new income stream for your business.

What I don’t like about Down & Dirty Facebook Advertising:

The main question I walked away with from this training was, “What should my landing page look like?”

At the time of this review the answer to that question was not in the training.

But, it is such an important aspect of running Facebook Ads or any other type of ads. In fact, getting people to click on your ad is only part of the battle…the rest comes on the landing page….and it can make or break your marketing campaign.

Sharon actually mentions this type of scenario as an example and talks about the need to tweak the landing page or ad, but gives no examples of successful or unsuccessful landing pages.

Another area that I didn’t see Sharon touch on is retargeting/remarketing. You may have seen this in action…you visit a company’s website and the next day you start seeing Facebook Ads from that company in your news feed.

This is accomplished by placing a little piece of code on your website that sends info to Facebook about your visitors and enables you to run ads that specifically target those people. Pretty cool!!

I sent a message to Tom with feedback on the landing page question but there may not be enough time for it to be addressed before the training launches.

I don’t think it is a deal breaker because the rest of the content is so good. But I do hope additional info on landing pages and possibly retargeting/remarketing are added at some point.

Are there any bonuses, Jay?


I know you are busy, and if you pick up Down & Dirty Facebook Advertising you will be consumed with learning from Sharon.

So I went ahead and found some good resources on the 2 areas that I think are missing from the training: landing pages and retargeting/remarketing.

If you pick D&D FB Advertising through my link I will include a list of resources that will help you design high-converting landing pages and remarket to visitors of your sites.

If you have avoided Facebook Ads for your local clients because of fear of wasting your money, Down & Dirty Facebook Advertising shows you how to be successful and grow your business with Facebook Ads.

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