Copy Paste Commissions is a training program that teaches you battle-tested, commission creating, affiliate strategies that Omar Martin and Michael Cheney have used to generate millions of dollars of combined commissions per year.

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Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

If you have ever thought about trying to earn extra money or even a full time income online then affiliate marketing is one of the many ways you can accomplish that goal.

Copy Paste Commissions is a course taught by highly successful affiliate marketers Omar Martin and Michael Cheney. (You might recognize Michael’s name from one of my other reviews, Commission Black Ops.)

Omar and Michael walk you through several of their most successful affiliate marketing campaigns that equip you with secret insider knowledge.

Will Copy Paste Commissions Help Me Get Rich?

Um…yes and no and maybe…and it depends on how you define “rich”.

(How’s that for clarity?)

Yes – The strategies taught in Copy Paste Commissions are proven strategies that have made other people a very good income. Like everything else in life, your results will be unique to you based on your effort, experience, opportunity, and willingness to stick through the lean times.

No – If you are looking to point and click a couple of times and sit back and watch the money roll in…you are in for a shock. Most successful affiliate marketers work very hard to produce the income they generate. In addition, even with proven strategies and great instruction many people still fail to make money online, let alone “get rich”.

Maybe – Combine my two answers above and you have a solid case for “maybe”.

And, of course, everything above is dependent on how you define “rich”. That is a question you can only answer for yourself.

What Strategies Does Copy Paste Commissions Teach?

The eBook consists of five teaching chapters…

  1. The Crush Campaign
  2. The Fence Shaker Strategy
  3. Traffic
  4. Bonus Strategy
  5. Email Strategy

Jay, what do you think about Copy Paste Commissions?

I was granted review access to the eBook and was impressed with the amount of information provided (80 pages).

The Crush Campaign is a short chapter that simply lays out the strategy.

The Fence Shaker Strategy is just the opposite. It is 15 pages of affiliate marketing gold. As I read it it was if Omar and Michael sat down with me for coffee (I don’t drink coffee) and explained everything. Not only do they share the strategy…they share the mindset behind the strategy…the “why” you should do it this way. This chapter is gold!

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. The primary traffic source taught in this chapter is Facebook. Omar and Michael teach you how to bypass the Facebook police when sharing affiliate links. Omar and Michael also include a couple of ideas for having your customers market for you as well!

The remaining two chapters are, to use my earlier image, like sitting down to dinner with Omar and Michael and them simply giving you concept after concept of affiliate marketing goodness.

Knowledge is power.

Copy Paste Commissions is full of knowledge and wisdom to help you get started, move forward, or succeed even further with affiliate marketing.

What about your bonus?

I am launching my first info-training product on August 31st, Twit Brigade.

Twit Brigade teaches you how to build authority and influence on Twitter by building an army of realistic looking and acting Twitter personas.

My bonus to you if you purchase Copy Paste Commissions through my link is that I will give you both the Twit Brigade eBook, as well as the Twit Brigade Video Training.

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