What is Cold Call Eliminator 2017?

Cold Call Eliminator 2017 is a massive video training course that teaches you how to build an automated buyer generation system.

Launch Date: March 12, 2017

Launch Time: 11am EST

Launch Price: $7

Product Creators: Lee Cole and Steve Rosenbaum

Upsells: 10X Your Profit Monster Funnel, Hit The Ground Running Quick Start Training

Unlike lead finding tools or other training, Cold Call Eliminator 2017 teaches you how to pre-qualify and pre-sell leads so that they contact you when they are ready to buy.

Included Modules:

  • Welcome and Overview
  • Easy Lead Generation
    • The Perpetual Selling Hack
    • The Poker Face Hack
    • The Instant Expert Hack
    • The Low-Hanging Fruit Hack
    • The Perfect Lead Magnet
    • The Perfect Squeeze Page
    • The RWA Qualifier
  • Automated Pre-Selling
    • Automated Leads From Social Media
    • The New LinkedIn Hack
    • The Automated New LinkedIn Hack
    • We We Don’t Use Facebook
    • The Twitter Hack
    • The Instagram Hack
    • Your Unfair Advanatage
    • More About the Instant Expert Hack
    • Automated Perpetual Selling
    • Automating Perpetual Selling Continued
    • Our Mind-Blowing, FREE Automation Hack
  • Clients Contact You
    • Fill Your Funnel
    • Ignition Message
    • Filter for Immediate Opportunities
    • Endless Automated Pipeline!
    • Endless Automated Pipeline, Continued!

What problem is Cold Call Eliminator 2017 trying to solve?

For most people in sales or marketing the most dreaded activity is cold-calling or lead prospecting. Cold Call Eliminator 2017 aims to eliminate cold-everything by teaching how to find and nurture your leads through targeted pre-selling.

Watch my “unboxing” video below. It was originally meant just for my subscribers but I’ve decided to share it with everyone and added some fun “popup video style” humor…

What I like about Cold Call Eliminator 2017:

There is a lot of info in this course that is applicable to both online and offline marketers and business owners.

Thankfully, it is packaged in relatively short videos (between 5 – 20 minutes) that make it very easy to consume.

I was able to get review access and very quickly went through each module (sometimes fast-forwarding so I could get through all the modules).

Whether it was a cool offline hack, like Steve’s “Poker Face Hack”, or Lee’s LinkedIn Hack, which would work for offline or online businesses…I learned something new in practically every video!

This is definitely one of those courses that I will be referring back to time and time again to revisit the hacks and strategies.

What I don’t like about Cold Call Eliminator 2017:

Overall I am super happy with CCE 2017.

My only concern with Cold Call Eliminator 2017 is not the content itself, but with pieces of the training that lack a uniform step-by-step process methodology to get from point A to point B.

In other words, I typically prefer training that clearly lays out everything step-by-step, kind of like following the instructions when building a Lego boat.

This course fluctuates between “hacks” and step-by-step modules, which sometimes left me a bit confused as to where things fit in the overall strategy.

But please note, the welcome video was not available yet and it may help glue things together by setting forth a clear, overarching vision for the course.

All in all, if you like “hacks”, then you will love this course.

If you prefer more of a step-by-step, complete “do this then do that” type of blueprint, this course might frustrate you a tiny bit.

Although, whether it be a “hack” or a step-by-step module…this course delivers a ton of value and is well worth the super-low price!


Steve did add a welcome video that helps set the tone as well as added a bonus that explains his overall LEAC funnel system. That definitely help glue some things together.

Are there any bonuses Jay?

Lee and Steve have a special “secret” bonus for you, and because one of the lead generation platforms is Twitter, I am throwing in my Twit Brigade training…

Whether you are on offline marketer, online marketer or both, Cold Call Eliminator 2017 will help you generate and pre-qualify leads to your business.

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