In this Cloud Defender v2 review we will look at both the PDF guide and the OTOs to see if they are worth your investment.

Cloud Defender v2 W+ Launch Details

Sales Page:

Launch Date: January 23, 2018

Launch Time: 11am EST

Launch Price: $11 – $17 (this is a dime sale so the price rises with every sale)

OTOs/Upsells: Cloud Defender v2 Pro Video Tutorials ($27), Blog Defender 2018 ($67), WP Toolkit Developers Lifetime ($97)

Product Creator: Matt Garrett

What is Cloud Defender v2?

Cloud Defender v2 is an updated version of Matt Garrett’s step-by-step guide on setting up and optimizing CloudFlare and SSL to protect your WordPress website(s).

Cloud Defender v2 is delivered in as a 58+ page PDF ebook.

Let’s take a peek at the Cloud Defender v2 table of contents:

  1. What is CloudFlare?
  2. CloudFlare Setup
  3. Securing Your CloudFlare Account
  4. Overview Settings
  5. DNS Settings & Security
  6. Firewall Settings
  7. Speed Settings
  8. Cache/CDN Settings
  9. Page Rules
  10. Network Settings
  11. Cloud Guard Plugin
  12. Customize
  13. Apps
  14. Scrape Shield
  15. SSL/Crypto
  16. Analytics

In addition to the PDF guide, Cloud Defender v2 comes with 4 FREE plugins that integrate with CloudFlare to help protect and optimize your WordPress site.

The plugins included are:

  • CloudFlare WordPress Plugin – Ensures your WordPress site is running optimally with CloudFlare.
  • CloudGuard – Restricts access to your login page to a specific country or countries.
  • Purge Cache – Automatically clears the CloudFlare cache when you publish new content.
  • Simple SSL – Prevents infinite redirect loops when utilizing CloudFlare’s Flexible SSL system.

Cloud Defender v2 OTOs

There are 3 one time offers/upsells…

OTO 1: Cloud Defender v2 Pro Video Tutorials ($27)

If you prefer learning via video or just want a more visual guide then Matt has created 24 videos that walk you through the entire CloudFlare and SSL setup and optimization.

OTO 2: Blog Defender 2018 ($67)

Whereas Cloud Defender v2 focuses on protecting your site via CloudFlare and SSL, Blog Defender 2018 focuses on making changes at the hosting and WordPress level. It includes 3 free plugins and 6 video training modules.

OTO 3: WP Toolkit Developers Lifetime ($97)

WP Toolkit is a massive bundle of premium WordPress themes and plugins.

There is one downsell in this mix right after OTO 1, it’s called Cloud Defender Video Tutorials. I was not able to determine what the difference was between the Pro and non-Pro versions of the videos. So, my advice is if you purchase CloudDefender v2 when you get to the video sales page right click on the “No Thank You” link and have it open in a new tab to see what the downsell is and how it differs from the Pro OTO.

Do you need the OTOs?

No. The core PDF guide gives you the complete steps to configure and optimize CloudFlare. The videos are nice if you prefer learning with video. If you are looking to really lock down your WP site (or client WP sites) then Blog Defender is the logical next step. And the WP Toolkit offer is only needed if you need a massive bundle of premium WP themes and plugins.

Here’s my Cloud Defender v2 review video…

What I like about Cloud Defender v2:

Interestingly enough, I was working with a friend a week or two ago who was having a horrible time with a dedicated WordPress server because of attackers.

He decided to implement CloudFlare and it definitely helped.

Now the issue is…it took him hours of research on CloudFlare’s site and other blogs to figure out how to get it setup and somewhat optimized.

After browsing through Matt’s guide I can tell you this…my friend has more work to do, and I will definitely be referring him to Cloud Defender v2.

Matt clearly walks you step-by-step in configuring and optimizing CloudFlare and SSL for your WordPress site. Matt even includes a checklist so you can make sure you don’t miss any steps.

I have no doubt that what Matt teaches can probably be found for free somewhere on the Internet.

But why waste your time trying to find and piece together everything you need to implement CloudFlare and SSL properly, when for less than $20 you can have a proven guide with ALL of the steps laid out for you in order?

I have been wanting to implement CloudFlare with the Rave Review site but haven’t done so because I didn’t want to take the time to research the process.

Now I have exactly what I need to do it and will be doing it this week!

What I don’t like about Cloud Defender v2:

There’s not much I don’t like.

As I mentioned above, most of what Matt teaches can probably be found on the Internet for free. So the big question is…

“Why buy Cloud Defender v2 if I can find the info for free?”

This is much like the “free” traffic argument. Your time should never be considered “free”. Your time is worth something.

The benefit of buying training like this is that you don’t waste your time trying to find all the free resources and then figuring out what to do when one source says to do “this” and the other source says to do “that”.

My time and your time are worth more than that!

Cloud Defender v2 Bonuses

The JV and Sales pages don’t mention any included bonuses (at least when I last checked).

But, I’m throwing in FULL ACCESS to my MarketingSchool.Online membership site, which includes tons of hours of Marketing training on topics like WordPress, Camtasia, Twitter, Google Hacks, Affiliate Marketing and more.

New training is added for FREE every month or so.

Final Thoughts

I think Matt has done a great job with Cloud Defender v2. I will definitely be using it to get the Rave Review site optimized with CloudFlare in the coming week.

One quick suggestion…

Test your site with Pingdom before implementing CloudFlare to see your scores. Then follow the step-by-step CloudFlare guide and then test your site again. Let me know how much your score improves!

If you have any questions simply email me at (replace the _ with a @) or connect with me on Facebook.

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