What is ChromiCode?

ChromiCode is software that enables anyone to create Google Chrome Extensions without coding.

Sales Page: http://links.ravereview.biz/chromicode


Price(s): $27 – $14.95 per month ChromiCode Unlimited Personal Use, $19.95 per month ChromiCode Unlimited Developer License

Creator: Curt Crowley and Andy Brocklehurst

In this ChromiCode review we will look at the possibilities and problems with this Google Chrome Extension creation software.

ChromiCode enables you to:

  • Grab a ton of leads and subscribers in ANY Niche from the Chrome Extension Directory
  • Deliver Unlimited Persistent Push Notifications.
  • Drive targeted free traffic to any page or offer (ideal for new affiliate marketers) from a massive audience of over 1.3 Million users
  • Create As Many Extensions as you like! Totally Unlimited!
  • Create Extensions With Zero Experience. 100% Newbie Friendly. Anyone can do this!
  • Use ChromiCode on both Mac and PC.
  • Build Extensions with “In App” Purchases.

Maybe you’re wondering…what is a Google Chrome Extension?

Let’s start one step further back…

Chrome is a web browser made by Google that is used for browsing the Internet. When Google designed Chrome they made it so that developers could easily add functionality via extensions.

There are Chrome extensions for all kinds of things.

To get an idea of all the different types of extensions simply visit the Chrome Web Store.

As you can see, the possibilities created by ChromiCode are only limited by your imagination.

Check out these possible uses for ChromiCode…

ChromiCode Demo

ChromiCode Demo Walkthrough

ChromiCode Demo Local Marketing

ChromiCode Demo Game

See how ChromiCode compares to other options:

ChromiCode Comparison Chart

What I like about ChromiCode:

The primary aspect of ChromiCode I like is its near infinite possibilities.

With the core piece being HTML embedding videos, RSS feeds, chatbots, websites, product reviews, coupons, etc. is fairly straight forward.

Curt created a Facebook group for ChromiCode to give people a chance to see what was coming and I expect that once this is released the group will be great for brainstorming ideas and getting assistance.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get review access so I couldn’t test the software.

I finally got access to ChromiCode and was easily able to create a simple Chrome Extension that embeds this review in it.

Click here to install my ChromiCode Review extension.

Creating the extension was very simple, even with having to setup One Signal and Google Firebase. And as you can see, I already have it published in the Chrome web store for anyone to install.

One note that I didn’t see mentioned anywhere…to publish items in the Chrome web store you have to pay a one time fee of $5 and you can only publish 20 items. So, depending on how you plan to utilize ChromiCode you may end up needed multiple Google developer accounts and pay the $5 publishing fee multiple times.

But, if you have that many extensions I assume they are working for you and its probably not a big deal. 🙂

Curt has an excellent reputation so I suspect it will work know it works as advertised and any issues will be quickly addressed.

What I don’t like about ChromiCode:

Well, without having review access its hard to answer that question.

I think the biggest challenge for many people will be figuring out how to embed/format the content in the HTML window.

I tried to embed a site before deciding to embed this review page and it didn’t work. I am still in the process of trying to figure out why.

I figured out the site I was trying to iframe had that ability turned off/blocked. Once I enabled it the iframe worked fine.

Even so, I think the HTML box could end up being the hurdle that prevents some users from utilizing ChromiCode to its fullest potential. Thankfully, there’s a very active Facebook where you can ask questions and get even more ideas.

Also, sometimes with software like this there can be concern of over-saturation. But, I think if you’re creative with your implementation and narrow the niche you target…you will do well.

What about ChromiCode bonuses?

I think this is a software and strategy that should get your focus and you should not get distracted by a bunch of unnecessary bonuses.

That said, the bonus I am providing is my list of 10 ideas for utilizing ChromiCode to drive traffic and sales.

Final Thoughts:

I think ChromiCode is going to be a big seller because it is so powerful and has so many use cases.

If you do anything online it can help drive more traffic to your videos, social profiles, websites and affiliate offers.

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