Your Own Personal Cloud

First off, this is not an official review. In other words, I have not purchased this product yet but I thought it was unique and interesting enough to go ahead and put forth information on it. I plan to test it in the coming weeks.

I simply ran across this product and thought it looked pretty cool…especially for those of us that are a just a little concerned about putting our data in the cloud.

You know…privacy concerns…what are they doing with our files and photos…how might they be using them to learn about us in order to…well, you fill in the blank.

And on top of that there is the monthly or yearly charges.

For what? 5gb of space? 15GB of space? Or even 100Gb of space? That’s nothing by today’s standards!

But…cloud storage is awesome. You can save photos and music and spreadsheets and documents…and access them from your computer, smartphone, and tablet. Better yet…the pictures you take with your phone can instantly be saved to the cloud for other people in your family to see.

Gosh, wouldn’t be nice to have the benefits of the cloud without the concerns of the cloud.

Well, now there is!

The device is called Lima. You can visit their website here. (Yes, this is an affiliate link which means I will make a small commission if you purchase Lima.)

Lima is a small device with two ports. One port is a network port connects to your Internet router. The other port is a USB port that connects to your external hard drive.

Lima solves all three problems…privacy, storage space, and recurring charges.

Storage Space = Solved!

With Lima you are limited only by the size of the hard drive you plug into it.

External hard drive sizes range from 1 terabyte to 5 terabytes with pricing from $55 to $140, respectively. For reference, you can store about 2 million photos in 1 terabyte. (See my external USB hard drive recommendations below.)

Lima + your external drive = 98.5% more space than what cloud storage providers typically provide.

Recurring Charges = Solved!

With Lima you make two simple purchases…the Lima device and an external hard drive.

That’s it.

No more monthly or yearly charges!

Privacy Concerns = Solved!

You no longer have to worry about what information cloud storage providers are gleaning from your data.

The data is stored on your hard drive in your home.

You get all of the benefits of the cloud without the concerns of the cloud!

Wrapping Up

If you have avoided taking advantage of cloud storage because of concerns about recurring costs, limited storage space, or privacy concerns…Lima is your chance to jump on the cloud revolution!

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