Affiliate Trax is a web-based software that enables you to capture information about your affiliate sales in the JVZoo platform. With Affiliate Trax you can easily capture customer email addresses, track how much you make per customer, track refund rates, and learn more about your best customers.

Affiliate Trax – $19

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What is Affiliate Trax?

Affiliate Trax is a web-based software that helps you track your JVZoo affiliate sales.

Not only does Affiliate Trax give you stats that help you determine total sales, refund rate, per customer sales, and refund rates…

Most importantly it captures your customers’ email addresses!!

For anyone that promotes products through JVZoo you know how awesome this feature is!


JVZoo integrates best with GetResponse, which is an email autoresponder that costs between $15 to $799 per month.

Affiliate Trax sets you free from GetResponse so you can use any autoresponder you wish, or not use one at all!

Why I Bought Affiliate Trax and Why You Should Too

When I first started selling through JVZoo I signed up for and used GetResponse as my autoresponder.

GetResponse did the job but it seemed a bit overpriced for the functionality. I eventually started using SendLane, which at the time was less expensive and had better functionality.

Unfortunately, once I cancelled GetResponse I no longer was capturing the emails from my JVZoo sales, which brought my list building to a halt!

Affiliate Trax gives the power over my list back to me!

I am now capturing customer emails again and can transfer them to Sendlane with ease!

The stats are great and will help me in being a smarter affiliate marketer.

But, the email capture feature was the #1 reason I purchased Affiliate Trax and why I recommend you buy it too!

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