What is Affiliate Titan 3?

Affiliate Titan 3 is a set of 6 pieces of software that help you find affiliate products from Amazon, Clickbank, JVZoo, and IM Launches as well as create pre-sell scripts and rapidly create review videos.

Launch Date: February 28, 2017

Launch Time: 11am EST

Launch Price: $7

Included Software:

King of the Zon – This is a database of the top 200 Amazon “movers and shakers” updated daily.

CB250 – This is a database of the top 250 ClickBank affiliate offers updated daily.

King of the Zoo – This is a database of the top performing products on JVZoo updated every 12 hours.

Launch Pulse – This is a database of the top product launches coming up over the next 30 days.

1 Click Affiliate Page Creator – This is software preloaded with over 100 blocks of copy/script. Simply add details about your product and the software will create your presell script or presell web page.

Rapid Video Ranker – This is desktop-based video creation software (Adobe Air – Mac or PC) where you can easily paste in or import your sales text and it creates a slideshow-based video almost instantly.

To get an incredibly in-depth overview of Affiliate Titan 3 watch this…

What I like about Affiliate Titan 3?

I am a happy owner of Affiliate Titan 2 Pro.

Chris and Ken have consistently released quality products that do what they say it will do. In the case of Affiliate Titan it makes researching affiliate offers a breeze by putting the top performing offers right in front of you.

You don’t have to visit Amazon and then JVZoo and then Muncheye and then ClickBank…you simply login to the appropriate tool and sort the given findings.

That is definitely the thing I like most about these tools, it makes affiliate product research much simpler and faster.

And, if you need help on the creative side…the 1 Click Affiliate Page Creator tool makes creating scripts for your videos or blog posts or emails a very simple and includes copy that has been proven to deliver results.

Though I don’t use the Rapid Video creation tool, if you need a quick way to create a slideshow video I am glad Chris makes it available.

Most of all, you get all of this power for a super low price ($7 at launch).

What I don’t Like about Affiliate Titan 3?

My biggest beef with the Affiliate Titan products are that the cloud-based tools are not located in one unified interface.

What I mean is that each tool is its own website, which means to use each tool you have to visit multiple sites.

I know, it’s not a big deal…bookmark the sites and move on.

But, I do hope that Chris and Ken will unify there product one day into one centralized interface that includes all of the tools.

Any bonuses Jay?

Yes!! The following bonuses will be automatically delivered in your JVZoo purchase area…

If you need an easy way to identify products to promote AND an easy way to create a pre-sell script/webpage/video…

Affiliate Titan 3 is an amazing choice!

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