What is Affiliate Takeover?

Affiliate Takeover is a video training course that teaches you the exact process used to rank videos for affiliate offers and evergreen products.

Launch Date: March 19, 2017

Launch Time: 9am EST

Launch Price: $16.95 – $27 (price increases throughout the launch)

Product Creators: Lenny Rowell, Gary Alach, and Adam Payne

Upsells: Case Studies, Follow Up and Email Mastery 10X Formula

Affiliate Takeover is both a “launch jacking” course as well as a detailed video ranking course. And it is mammoth. Just look at all the training in this course…

  • Welcome and Course Overview
  • Module 1
    • Finding An Affiliate Product To Promote
    • Tips To Help You Choose A Product For Promotion
    • Getting A Review Copy – Part 1
    • Getting a Review Copy – Part 2
    • Writing the Review – Part 1
    • Writing the Review – Part 2
    • Review Template – Official Vid
  • Module 2
    • Creation of Review Video – Part 1
    • Creation of Review Video – Part 2
    • Creation of Review Video – Part 3
    • Creation of Review Video – Part 4
    • Basic Video Optimization
    • Bonus Giveaways
    • Secret Sauce Series – Video 1
    • Secret Sauce Series – Video 2
    • Secret Sauce Series – Video 3
    • Secret Sauce Series – Chain Link Fence Pt 1
    • Secret Sauce Series – Chain Link Fence Pt 2
    • Secret Sauce Series – Chain Link Fence Pt 3
    • Secret Sauce Series – Video 5
    • Secret Sauce Series – Video 6
  • Module 3
    • Lock Intro
    • Locks Walkthrough
    • Locks Walkthrough Part 2
    • Social Signals
    • Embeds and Backlinks
    • Vid Loopers, Variation Creators and More
    • Super Useful Time Savers – Pt 1
    • Super Useful Time Savers – Pt 2
    • Free Traffic
    • List Building
    • Course Wrap Up
  • YouTube Ads
    • Introduction
    • Walkthrough

Watch my review video below…

What I like about Affiliate Takeover:


Lenny is definitely a YouTube ranking expert!

Affiliate Takeover is a complete strategy for ranking videos on YouTube, with a slant towards affiliate “launch jacking”.

But, the strategy taught in this course could easily be applied to any niche and any product or service.

Lenny’s “Chain Link Fence” strategy is one I had not heard of before. It not only helps keep people on your YouTube channel longer and gives them a more enjoyable viewing experience, it also is key to the ranking strategy.

Adam also walks you through how to use YouTube Discovery Ads to boost your views, which increase your rankings as well.

Overall, I think it is an excellent course with extremely valuable ranking strategies.

What I don’t like about Affiliate Takeover:

I hate to say it again, but NOTHING.

I think Lenny does a great job of teaching you a strategy for video ranking that can be applied across any niche, product, or service.

The only reason you might not want to pick up Affiliate Takeover is if you previously bought Lenny’s Tube Rank Explosion course. There is so much good info in Tube Rank Explosion.

The main reason you would pick up Affiliate Takeover is if you want to learn Lenny’s specific strategy for writing and creating reviews and his “Chain Link Fence” strategy. (Well worth the price of admission.)

Are there any bonuses Jay?

Yes. Adam is throwing in YouTube Discovery Mastery, which will help you get views to increase your rankings.

I’m also throwing in these bonuses…

I’m also going to throw in a Video Boosting Package.

Your video(s) will be submitted to a powerful network of Web 2.0s built by the expert team at Semantic Mastery.

  • For the front-end I will give you 5 video boosting credits. These credits can be used for a single video or can be used for 5 different videos or any combination you can think of up to 5 credits.
  • If you buy the first upsell I will ADD an additional 10 video boosting credits.
  • If you buy the second upsell I will ADD an additional 10 video boosting credits.

So, if you buy the front-end and both of the upsells you will accumulate 25 video boosting credits that can be used however you like.

My bonuses will be delivered in the JVZoo purchase area.

If you are interested in “Launch jacking” or just want to learn an effective strategy for video ranking, Affiliate Takeover is a great course!

Pick it up today!

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