2 Cents Tube Clicks is a course that teaches you how to build YouTube ad campaigns that drive massive traffic for super-cheap.

Launch Date: September 7th, 2016

Launch Time: 8am EST

2 Cents Tube Clicks – $9.95

2 Cents Tube Clicks Advanced – $27

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Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of every online business and offline business that has an online presence.

Without traffic sales do not happen!

In marketing there are two primary types of traffic:

  • Free – This is traffic generated by search results (your SEO efforts), social media buzz (your social media efforts), email (your list building and email marketing efforts), and word of mouth (your online and offline rep).
  • Paid – This is traffic generated by either online or offline advertising.

Now, for obvious reason, getting sales via free traffic is awesome and helps the bottom line.

But, utilizing paid advertising, even if for a short time, can boost peoples’ awareness of you and your brand, which ultimately results in more free traffic.

So, when paid advertising is an option your are considering the best type of paid traffic is CHEAP paid traffic.

In other words, if I can spend 2 cents to get a click that results in a sale as opposed to spending 50 cents or a dollar to get a click that results in a sale…I am a much happier business person!

That is why today we are looking at one of the cheapest, most untapped, and massively powerful advertising options…

YouTube Ads!

What is 2 Cents Tube Clicks?

2 Cents Tube Clicks is a video training course that walks you through setting up a YouTube ad campaign in order to drive massive traffic for a super low cost.

What’s included with 2 Cents Tube Clicks?

2 Cents Tube Clicks includes 19 videos that teach you the following:

  • How to create your first YouTube ads campaign
  • How to link your YouTube channel to your AdWords account
  • How to setup targeting groups
  • How to use negative targets to your advantage
  • How to choose between different video formats
  • How to us call-to-action overlays
  • How to utilize the estimation tool for budgeting
  • How to copy campaigns, ads, and target groups
  • How to apply content label exclusions
  • How to measure ad performance
  • How to generate multiple ad reports
  • How to make sense of tabs and segmentation filters
  • How to optimize your YouTube ad campaign
  • How to use remarketing to generate more clicks
  • How to setup your payment method

Needless to say, 2 Cents Tube Clicks is packed with all the info you need to get started today with YouTube advertising!

What do you think about 2 Cents Tube Clicks?

I have been granted review access and will be working through the material. I hope to have it done by launch time but if not you can learn more by viewing the sales page.

Hey Jay, what about the bonuses?

If you buy through my link I have a great bonus for you…

You will get access to my recently launched course, Twit Brigade.

Twit Brigade teaches you how to build your authority and influence on Twitter while also driving more traffic to your sites.

It is a great strategy to add on to 2 Cents Tube Clicks to drive FREE traffic to your offers.